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I have urgent question regarding TRA ( migration skills assessment)

My case:

I completed certificate 3 in electronics and communication via RPL from Australia as I had 3 years of work experience in Australia.

I attended a recognised institute in Melbourne for 6 months , studied and passed exams for 8 Subjects and received RPL for remaining subjects.

All of my 3 year work experience is from 2014 to 2017 but I received my Cert 3 in January 2018, then I quit that job.

Question :

I am not sure whether I'll be eligible for Migration skills assessment as I've received my qualifications via RPL and they need 6 years of work experience for the qualifications issued via RPL.


The migration agents on Their website mentions that 6 year work experience is required for those people who have no qualifications at all. In that case , TRA issues cert3 via RPL?

If I already have cert3 , will I still need work experience of 3 year post study ( from year 2018 to 2021) or I am already eligible to apply for TRA ( migration skills assessment) ?

Please clear my confusion.

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