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Hi All.
My cousin has overlooked his visiting visa and overstayed about 3-4months. After realise he applied to extend visa which is Visa E and immediately Community Status Resolution Service has called for an appointment. They ask whether he want to depart to his home country as his answer was No and he want to apply for Protection Visa.

The Community Status Resolution Service allow him to apply with an extension visa for one week. On same day he applied for Bridging Visa A and already courier it.

After a week he went again to Community Status Resolution Service to extend his Visa E and they asked him evidence of posting where he only able to give the Express courier no. Well again they have extend for another week as they said till he gets his reply from Immigration office.

Here he need help on this:
1. He want to know how to get reply from the protection visa application he made?

2. He is having financial problem where for now others are support him. How can we request for work rights?
3. Is there any way to extend 2 weeks instead 1 week?
4. Is there any Immigration agent or lawyers can help him on this with a reasonable fees?
Please help and advice us how can we go about it.
Thank you.
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