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USA Girlfriend Australian Visa Options

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Thanks for taking the time to read and reply to my post.

Currently in a relationship with a girl from the US.

Just thought I would provide a brief overview of us before asking the question.

About Her:
- 27 years of age
- US citizen.
- In Australia on a working holiday Visa.
- Holds a bachelors degree and has 3 years HR experience working in the Pharmaceutical industry.
- Will have to leave the country mid-October if we decide against her doing farm work (I'm sort of the one opposed to this).

About Me:
- 25 years of age.
- Australian Born.
- Fulltime professional job that I do not want to leave.

About us:
- Relationship of 3 months.
- Currently living together.

Basically what my question is, what are our options to allow her to stay in the country? I really would love for her to gain sponsorship in a good company, however I imagine most companies would be reluctant to hire a foreigner without a permanent visa.

Any sort of help would be much appreciated.

Thank you!
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Im in the same boat as your gf - Im american on same visa. Luckily my boyfriend and I were together 2 years prior to moving here together on my temporary visa. So I have opted for the Permanent Partner visa.
ANYWAY - our australian friends' girlfriend works in hospitality - at a hotel to be exact and apparently its the best job to gain sponsorship easily. She said most of her coworkers are foreign residents seeking sponsorship. Maybe something to look into! And since her visa doesnt expire for a good 6 months - there are plenty of employers willing to hire and if they like her theyll offer sponsorship. My visa expires in two weeks and I got a casual job just two months ago and they were aware of how early my visa expired. So dont hesitate to ask! and if youre nervous about it- they honestly dont need to know shes on a temporary visa. Just say you do not plan to leave the country and maybe a month in- you ask about sponsorship.
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