The Australian State of Victoria is the country's powerhouse in terms of population growth with the latest data showing that people are moving there from other regions and from overseas.

The figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics reveal that the population in Victoria has increased by 1.9% over the last year compared with 1.4% in New South Wales, 1.3% in Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory, 1.2% in Western Australia, 0.6% in South Australia and 0.4% in Tasmania and the Northern Territory.

melbourneIndeed, New South Wales, which has always been a major draw, especially for overseas workers, due to the attraction of Sydney as a city to work and live, has recorded its lowest annual population increase since December 2013 while in Victoria the increase in population was its highest since June 2009. These two states combined accounted for two thirds of the total increase in national population over the year.

It looks as if both States are now vying for newcomers from overseas. A breakdown of the figures show that people from abroad are overwhelmingly choosing to settle in New South Wales or Victoria. Some 73.9% opted to move to these States.

Some 39.1% chose New South Wales as the place to settle and 34.7% picked Victoria, while in all other States and Territories, net overseas migration is trending either flat or lower.

Victoria is also proving popular with people moving from within Australia. Victoria led inter State migration with 14,429 moving, up 48.6% over the last 12 months, followed by Queensland with 10,118 and Tasmania with just 21 while other States saw more people move away.

In New South Wales some 10,321 left, while on South Australia some 5,887 left, in Western Australia it was 5,624, in the Northern Territory it was 2,451 and in the Australian Capital Territory it was 385.

According to Cameron Kusher, head of research at real estate data analysis company CoreLogic, rising house prices is a major reason people are leaving Sydney. He explained that even although prices have still be rising in Victoria's capital city Melbourne, they are still more affordable than Sydney.

Melbourne is also Australia's fasters growing city with its population now surpassing six million and it is projected to double within 15 years and overtake Sydney to become Australia's biggest city.

The city was recently ranked as the world's most liveable city for a sixth year in a row in the annual international ranking report from the Economist Intelligence Unit.