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Hi would very much appreciate some advice.

My wife is Thai she has a PR visa married to me we live here in Australia.

She has a daughter by law she is on the birth certificate but not by blood the father has agreed to let her come and live with us in Australia. She will turn 18 next month.
We have all those documents translated...

We have tickets to Thailand and a return ticket for her.

I have been reading through the forums here I have also spoken to an immigration lawyer.

The lawyer said get a tourist visa to start and see if you get 8503 1419 not 1418... Big risk have herd 8503 is mandatory for family stream unless previous visits

however I have read where some have applied for visa 101 then a tourist visa in the same day with success. No 8503.

I have also read that some have applied for visa 101 then will probably be rejected for a tourist visa as a risk for overstay.

My wife and I was going to apply for visa 101 for her then the next day apply for a multiple entry tourist visa 600 1419

So I guess the question is can I apply for visa 101 in Thailand then apply for a tourist visa for her the next day quoting the 101 application number?

Happy Easter :)

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Australian Embassy Bangkok Reply

Dear Illya,

Thank you for your email.

It is okay for the child to apply for a visitor visa while waiting for 101
to be processed.

Please note the information below for your information:

Can I have a visitor visa while I am waiting for my permanent visa so that
I can be with my family in Australia during the processing?

Visitor visas should not be used for long-term stays, for residence in
Australia or for the purpose of remaining in Australia for extended periods
to await a migration outcome.

When applying for a visitor visa you must meet all requirements, including
the genuine visitor criterion, for that visa to be granted. The periods of
time an applicant has spent in and out of Australia are taken into account
in deciding a visitor visa application. Applicants who travel to Australia
on a temporary visa while waiting for their family stream visa application
to be processed by an immigration office outside Australia should inform
the processing office about their planned visit to Australia.

Kind regards,

Immigration and Border Protection
Department of Home Affairs
Australian Embassy Bangkok, Thailand
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