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Hi ,
I am planning on applying for visa 187 under skill select, i had few questions in mind if you could please help :)
I have done my masters in Hospitality Management from Adelaide 2yrs course and then worked in Canberra .
I held a position of Supervisor and if i have to do a skill assessment then i need to be working as a manager , i am achieving 65 points under point test assessment, currently i am back in India

1. Under 187 do i have to do skill assessment because i might fail?
2. Can i do 187 with state sponsorship
3. Will i have to apply for state sponsorship separately or is it included under skill select?
4. how much time frame am i looking at for-
a. skill select to open
b. state sponsorship
c. Visa application processing currently

4. Any other option for me

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