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Visa 189 - Do i have the points?

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I've looked at the points table -

And it all seems pretty easy..

I'm 25 - 30 points
Superior English - 20 points
Skilled employment in australia 2 years (HOTEL MANAGER) - 5 points
Australian study requirement - 5 points
Professional year in australia - 5 points

= 65 points, which is what i need.

I'll also gain more points from another course I'm doing.

Is it really that easy?

Hope everyone can help.
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Hotel Manager is on the short-term list, which is not eligible for a 189 visa. Your occupation would need to be on the medium/long-term list for a 189 visa. You can consider a 190 or 489 visa but then you need to see which states may be sponsoring your occupation.
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