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I (Australian, M) and my partner (USA, F) are planning on starting the process of obtaining a 300 visa for her this year. We have been together for 2 years, and lived apart the whole time, but she has visited three times so far and we will visit 2-3 times / year until she moves.

At the latest, she will move here in 2-3 years, but if circumstances change, she might be able to move here before then. In the mean time, we would like to get the 300 visa for a few reasons (1) there seem to be potentially long wait times (2) I would like her to have access to healthcare, as we would like to try and have a family together, and if she becomes pregnant sooner than later, we would like to know that we could have the child in Australia and be together. Of course, if she became pregnant, we would ensure that she is here sooner than later and the initial 3 year timeline would be made shorter immediately.

My question is, once the 300 is granted is the process immediately enacted to move towards the 100 or do we have to make this application? I have read online that it can take up to two years once the 300 is granted, and if we remained on our original 3 year timeline, I am worried that it may seem like our commitment to each other isn't real if she hasn't been living in Australia for a significant portion of the time that the 300 has been active.

I'm sorry I know it's a complicated and convoluted situation, but we are new to this and hoping to get some helpful info or guidance.


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Update: Sorry I meant 309/100, not 300 visa.
You will need to submit additional documents for the 100 two years after you lodge the application for the 309/100. Based on what you say, I suggest you have a consultation with a registered migration agent to make sure you understand the process and the eligibility criteria.
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