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Hi everyone,

I thought of sharing some good news here!!
So my fiance's PMV was granted on the 02/06/2021 from Washinton DC USA
applied : 28/01/2020
medicals: 15/02/2020
RFI: 15/03/2021
we had a bit complicated stuff but we have been together for 10 years in total, we haven't lived together
when they granted the visa our medicals were expired (they didn't request to renew them)
they didn't call either of us as well.
we didn't have a lawyer, but we had too many pictures and skype calls.
we applied for the exemption still waiting hopefully all goes well.

thank you all !!

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Congratulations!. The challenge will be to obtain a travel exemption as fiance(s) are not considered immediate family members.
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