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Hope someone can give us some advice pertaining to our visa 887 application. We may be in trouble.

- I am the main applicant for visa subclass 489
- my partner and I have made our 1st entry to Australia on 5 Nov 2015
- Went back to where we came from on the 12 Nov 2015 (1 week after landed)
- 6 weeks after on 24 Dec 2015 came back to Australia again for good
- Applied visa 887 on 6 Nov 2017
- Attached a letter to CO explaining our situation in our application.

Now question is, I understand that they have already contacting/approving those who applied on 6 Nov 2015 and after. But as of today we did not receive any response from the CO if our application has any problem or they require any additional documentation?

Do you think that the CO is delaying our application as we theoretically have applied too early? We don't mind if they postpone our application, we are just worried that the application will be rejected?

Hope someone can shed us some light.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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