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Firstly, it will be your wife that invites your brother, not you, as the letter of invitation needs to come from the Australian.

Basically the thing about applying from a high risk country is that you need to provide them with as much evidence as you can to show that your brother will return to the UAE.

Your wife will need to write a letter of invitation inviting him to visit Australia which should include an itinerary of what you will do when he is there. You should also mention what you are covering ie. accommodation, meals etc.

He will also need a letter from his employer which should include the period that his leave has been approved, that he has a job to return to. It should also mention how long he has been employed with them and his salary as well. I assume he will be able to leave the UAE? I just know the some people enter into a contract to work in the UAE for 2 years and they can't leave the UAE for 2 years, so just checking really.

Also include rental agreement or house titles, depending on if he rents or own a place.

Should include his bank statement. DIBP in Australia recommend $1,000 per month that they will be in Australia but my fiancee had more than that and the embassy that my fiancee applied at called it "limited personal funds".

You can include your bank statement as well, but I do not know if they will take it into account or not. It really differs from embassy to embassy. I provided my bank statement with my fiancee's tourist visa application and they said that they do take it into consideration as the onus is on the applicant to show that they have enough funds.

Honestly, it is all about what embassy you apply at because some are more hardcore than others. Just provide as much evidence as you have to show that he will return to UAE.

Good-luck :)
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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