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Hi folks,

Need help regarding my visa and child visa grant.

My Scenario:
My husband and myself were granted 189 in Feb 2014.
I made my first entry in september 2014 and stayed for a week and returned to India. I was 7 months pregnant then. My child was delivered in december 2014.
Then we moved to USA in May 2016 as my husband got internal company transfer and at present on US work visa L1. We stay in USA at present.
Now my travel dates for Australian Visa is going to end in one year that is feb 2019. We want to move back to Australia, but my child who is 3 years old now doesn't have Australian PR.
So in case we plan to move to Australia this year, What type of Visa do I need to apply for my child? and how long will it take to be issued from the date of application?

Any help to resolve my query will be appreciated.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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