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My student visa has been granted. But I had given wrong information about countries I had visited in the last 10 years which I only realised now that I was looking at photographs on my computer!

At the time that I applied for the visa I was overseas travelling and did not have my computer with me.
So when I had to fill out the part about all countries I had visited in the last 10 years, I did it as best as I could - from my memory. I thought it didn't matter so much because I had only visited a safe countries such as France. Each of the countires I had only visited between 2 days and 3 weeks.

I feel terribe now. I did not want to give false information. It was an honest mistake. Did I have to declare with my application that I was giving the dates based on memory only?

I have never stayed long in any of the countries, I have not worked in any of them. But I am scared that this false information will bite me in the ass one day when I apply for a diffrent visa.

What would you suggest I do? Should I write Immigration now and tell them about my mistake? I am scared that they might cancel my student visa for giving false information in the first place.

Please, help me. I want to do the right thing!
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