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I have been reading the post since July 18 to understand the whole process of Visa applications for subsequent entry. My husband already in Australia and got his Student Visa earlier before I launched my visa applications. We have been living separately for 6 month.

It wasn't easy to apply however my visa granted 3rd Oct 18. Me and husband married April 2018 and we received a lot of feedbacks that I wont get approved as my our relationship still new. After went through so much negativity with agents so we decided to apply ourself without any agent assisting us.

We did so much research and gathering all documents including paid insurance before I apply my visa. I applied my visa Sept 5th, Biometrics a week after, medical checkup 28 Sept. Visa granted 3rd Oct. I believe the idea of writing GTE and Marriage Chronology is very important. Of coz showing fund and if you have a house in you country please attached as well because they will know you have the intention to come back to your home country. If have the joint account with your spouse will be even more better.

Anyway every people have different case by case and its not impossible. To those people about to apply Dependent Visa. Good Luck and have faith!

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