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Hi Everyone !

I am new to this forum and would be very very grateful for your help - it seems that there are so many of you that are knowledgeable out there!

My partner and I are so lost as to which visa to go for - it is all so complicated...

I am an Australian Citizen in my 20s, and my partner is an Austrian Citizen (also in his 20s). We have been living together in Austria for over one year. We wish to go together to Australia in one month's time and live there together for 12 months. Whilst we are there, my partner wishes to undertake postgraduate research.

Our three main concerns are:

•a) being able to stay in Australia for 12 months with multiple entries and without the limitation of having to leave exactly after every three months, as is the case with the normal evisitor visa 601.

•b) leaving for Australia in a month (i.e - processing time may be an issue here?), and

•c) keeping the application cost as low as is necessary and possible

With the above criteria in mind, we are currently debating between the following options:

•1. Student Visa (via a postgraduate research program). We will not have time to organise and submit this visa until a week before we want to leave for Australia. According to the Austrian University that we have been communicating with, this visa tends to take approximately 4 months to process. We find this option appealing because of the little paper work involved, as well as the relatively low costs. However, given that we want to leave for Australia in one months, how can we get around the 4 month processing time? Could we lodge a tourist visa immediately after lodging the student visa on the grounds that we wish to be together during the processing time?
Alternatively, could my partner come to Australia as a genuine tourist to travel around and once there decide to stay and study and lodge his student visa onshore? in this case, would a bridging A visa likely be applied forbidding him from leaving Australia until a decision is made on his student visa?

•2. Visitor Visa (subclass 600) for 12 months with multiple entires, based on the fact that my partner intends to tour around Australia and visit friends, as well as having strong reasons to prove why he will be returning to Austria after 12 months. Whilst this is favourable for its low cost and fast processing time, we have been told that it is very unlikely to be granted for a 12 month stay?

•3. Partner visa (Prospective marriage, de facto, or marriage visa) - we are open to any of the partner visas. However, we are put off by the huge amount of paper work involved, long processing times and high cost. If one of the above would work and satisfy our purposes, then it seems like the partner visa is a waste, especially since we do not plan on staying in Australia for longer than 12 months anyway! But, if none of the above work we are open to it.

We would like to get your opinion on which visa is better with regards to our circumstances and criteria. I would be so grateful for any help at all...
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