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Actually this is very informative website and I want to ask you questions about Visa subclass 100 after the completion of 309.

I would really appreciate your time in advance.

I have got 309 Visa Grant in october 2016 and which was applied on 23 December 2015.Now after two years of wait and living together in Australia since 14 March 2016.We have a boy together as well and marrierd.We had applied visa Subclass 100 now on 16 April 2018.

My Migration agent has not done really a good job to collect and provide best documents in my 100 subclass file.

Please advise what was my agent's Responsibility as there appears to be at times he was not punctual and communicating effectively.

All in all I am bit worried and not happy with the Migration agent so can you please clarify what are the must have documents to provide to submit a strong case file to Case officer?

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