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hello, so I am a Jordanian national living in Canada as a student, I applied online for a subclass 600 visitor visa, But I misunderstood the country of usual residence question and put Jordan instead of Canada, so because of that it asked me to go to a biometrics collection centre and provide my biometric data, but because I live in Canada, I can't reasonably go back to Jordan to do it because there aren't any biometric collection centres in Canada. So I made a notification of incorrect answer to the usual residence and residential address questions and changed the address, but now I am scared that my visa will be refused because I will not have provided biometrics that I should not need to provide when the 14 days I have been given runs out before an officer sees my corrections, should I withdraw the application and make a new one or wait to see if my application is corrected? It is currently in initial assessment stage.
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