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I was hoping if someone can answer me a question regarding funds.

I'm currently applying for a tourist visa to visit my partner in Australia. She is an australian citizen. We're planning on a stay during christmas time, maybe from 15Dec2017 to 10 January 2018. So around 3 weeks or so.

I currently live in the UK on a student visa (valid until 2019). I have savings that come in bulk from some teaching I do with the university around 2300 British Pounds /3900 AUD + Credit card around 670 AUD
I have an account in Egypt with around 3000 AUD as well.

I'm also supported by my father who is providing me with a supplementary credit card carrying my name and a support letter saying he's my guardian and will be supplying me with any support I need.

My partner is going to be sponsoring me to stay there during the whole period in her privately rented place and so on. She's providing bank statements + rental agreements + support letter and so on.

My questions are as follows,
Do I have to provide bank statements that extend for 6 months or not or just a statement of my current funds?

The money I have in the UK Has been deposited in August and in October, with trickle amounts being saved into it over the months.

Will the Egypt bank statement be acceped proof? The money was deposited in October.

Will the money/Credit cards owned by my partner support my application?

Thank you very much in advance for any support you can give me.
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