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hi all,

I am an AU PR and we are in the process of applying for visitor visa (subclass 600) for my wife and my son. A bit more detail, my wife studied in Australia for 4 years and left Australia temporarily for 2 years as a committment of her scholarship; my son was born oversea and we decided to not apply for child 101 but wait to include him into the partner visa.
In the application for visitor visa, we state that she and the child want to attend her graduation ceremonty in August with a letter from her Uni, and also spend sometimes with me in Australia as part of the trip.
Our intention is when they got here, we will apply for 820.
We still say that she is leaving after the trip, but I just read today another post on this forum that when applying for visitor visa he did explicitly state in the application that his wife is going to apply for onshore 820.
Would this be a wise statement?
Many thanks
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