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Visitor visa after breach of visa cond 2 years ago

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Hi all. I’m new here, have been reading for a while but never posted.

I am currently in the process of applying for an eVisitor visa.

I’m a Dutch citizen and was in australia on a WHV 2014-2015. 2015-2016, I was there on an eVisitor and I was stupid enough to take a cash in hand job.

When I returned to Australia at the end of 2016, after having been home in NL for three months, immigration took me in for questioning.

I have been honest about working for cash on a tourist visa and they let me enter the country, because I really did have the intention to enter Australia as a tourist that time, and I brought money. They did give me a warning, but no ban.
I feel very lucky and regret the mistake that I made.

The real problem is this. While there that last time, I fell in love with an Australian citizen. We have been in a long distance relationship since I left in february 2017. He has come to visit me several times and now it’s my turn to come to australia and visit him.

But besides that, I also plan to go to Tasmania, the Grampians and take many day trips and visit other friends.

Of course when i applied for a new eVisitor, immigration asked for more information. Understandable.

I do not intend to lodge a visa application while I am in australia, and I absolutely intend to return to the Netherlands after two months.

I have to write a statement about the purpose of my planned trip to Australia.

Would saying tourism & visiting friends suffice? Or should I mention my boyfriend?

We are not married and do not have any plans to get married anytime soon, or maybe ever. We’re not at that stage yet.

I hope someone will know how to handle this! It seems not mentioning him is wrong, but mentioning him may make them think I will overstay, or lodge an appl for another visa. Which I definitely will not do.
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Be truthful.
Good lcuk.
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