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Visitor visa for baby

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Hi Friends,

Me and my wife currently on 457 Visa, but it is expiring on 28th FEB 2019, my wife is in India since we had a baby in Jul 2017.

In Sept 2017 I have lodged a PR visa 190, CO is assigned and had requested for more info and I have provided them in October. It seems post Sept 2017 PR processing is taking time so waiting for PR.

I want to get my family back to Australia asap, since my baby does not have any visa, I am planning to apply for e600 visitor visa. If I apply now for my baby does this impact on my/baby current PR visa application?

Does 7th month baby should undergo medical test and needs PCC for visitor visa?

Please help me, thanks in advance

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Myself and I am not real smart as I only have year 10 education just think this!

*pregnancy is 9 months (some exceptions- but it is not very flexible and not to plan on 9 months is foolish)

* You had a baby in July 2017, so known that a baby will enter the World since Oct/Nov 2016.

* Know visas exist and are not simple (457 and 189 applications).

Before sending wife back to India for birth (assumption) you did not seek clarification of visas and such til now - I would have sorted this before they departed!
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