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Hello Forum,

I need your help in knowing few queries relating to my parents visitor visa.
My parents have 3 years visitors visa(sub class 600) expiring in march 2020. I am an Australian citizen. As per this visa, my parents are supposed to stay in Australia for max 12 months in 18 months period(They have arrived in Sep 2017 and are planning to go back in June 2017 and return back in November 2017 to stay for longer period). But we want our parents to stay for more than 12 months due to some emergency.Is it possible that they can stay more than 12 months? If yes , please advise as to what need to be done . If not, please advise.

Is there any way we can apply for PR visa . What is the process?
Will any other visa to be lodged for their extended stay.please let us know as soon as possible

Alternatively, is there any way that another Visitor Visa is relaunched before 12 months is over so that they can stay for longer duration (before the VISA expires)
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Is there any way we can apply for PR visa. What is the process?
You should engage the services of an Australia based RMA.
Registered Migration Agent.
Don't like your chances of a longer than 12 moth stay.

Lots of people what there parents here, so there is 2 PR paths. One only has a few grants each year and around a 30 year waiting list. The other has faster process time but costs a lot (I think $50,000 each) and recently increased application conditions.
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