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partner (provisional) (class uf) (subclass 309) /partner (migrant) (class bc) (subclass 100) visa

*legally married in november 2016
*applied online for offshore provisional visa on august 2017 & uploaded documents.
*received email from embassy in colombo, sri lanka requesting for more documents including further proof of relationship with spouse despite being legally married and updated police clearance.
*submitted the requested documents one month ago. I clicked information submitted & also sent a reply to the original email.

how do i get in touch with the case officer assigned to my application. is the case officer based in australia or in the local embassy in colombo, sri lanka? the email i received was from a generic email address from the embassy. However when applied for the skilled base migration many years ago i got an email directly from the case officer in adelaide.

how long should it take to process the application given that i am already married?

some people seem to get the visa within 3 months
australiaforum dot com/visas-immigration/219618-partner-visa-309-visa-grant-2-months-2017-a-7.html
it comes down to luck a lot of the times.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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