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What happens now?

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Hey all

I've been a long time lurker of the this awesome forum, and whilst I've never posted, you have helped me so much in getting my application ready, and answering so many of my questions with all the great info and resources provided. Thank you!

I'm from the UK, applied for my de facto spouse visa on (London) October 2017. I have been with my Australian citizen partner for over 15 years, living together all this time; no children. We have used a migration agent because I found the whole process incredibly overwhelming and I didn't want to get it wrong.

We hadn't heard anything from DIBP since submitting application in October, then 2 weeks ago I had an email from my migration agent stating I've been allocated a case officer and they were asking for medical and police checks from my partner and me. These have all now been completed and submitted.

As I am using a migration agent, I can't access my Immi account, it's all done through him.

I am wondering what happens now? I appreciate that this is very much one of those questions where definitive answers can't be given, but I would really love to know how long on average applicants have waited for a visa grant after submitting medicals and police checks.

I am currently in Aus as my partner has already moved back (due to work) and I have joined him on a visitor's visa, but will of course have leave once that hits the 3 months mark.

I am sorry about my long post, and I suspect the questions I've asked have already been asked before, but I couldn't find answers.

I would be grateful for any advice and shared experiences.

Good luck to all on their visa journeys. :)

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Hi Nick

I've spoken to my migration agent and he said my medical was satisfactory. I understand the wait can be long, but was mostly curious to hear about people's experiences of how long it's taken after submitting medical/police checks.

Thanks for replying.

Think it would depend on the visa you were going for mate.
I'm applying for the 309/100 offshore visa, London embassy. I'm in a de facto relationship with an Australian citizen, living together for over 15 years. No children. :)
My fiance's partner visa was granted around 14 days after providing requested medicals/police checks.

Everything to do with Immigration should be taken with a grain of salt - as every case is different. As Nick has said in an earlier post - some can sit for months after provided information until a grant.

Not trying to get your hopes up, but a lot of the time, once they request this information, it can be a sign of an answer just around the corner.
Thanks for sharing this. I appreciate that each case is assessed on its own merit and timelines vary greatly. I'm a long time lurker and have been keeping an eye on posts from people who applied in London, and it appears on average visas are being granted around the 5-6 months mark. I just wanted to have an idea of what _may_ happen based on averages, but I'm very aware that there is no way of knowing whether or not my case is going to follow the same trends. Forever hopeful though. :)
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