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What happens the moment you apply for 820?

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I am currently on a WHV and will be applying for a partner visa at the end of December once we meet the 1 year of living together criteria on 20/12. My WHV will be up on 9/1/19.

I am currently on a six month contract in work which will end Christmas Eve. Both myself and my employer want me to continue working once my bridging visa starts on the 10/1. However I am afraid they won't offer me a new contract without being able to show I have full working rights. Once I pay for the visa and submit my application at the end of December, will I get a notice of my bridging visa then? Or do you get a notice right before your new visa begins?

I would just like to know so I can let my employer know, and also have some reassurance that I will be going back to a job after Christmas!

Hope this all makes sense.

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Normally as soon as you pay the 820 fee you get 2 emails.

1) Application acknowledgement of 820 application letter (this allows you to apply and get Medicare immediately).

2) The Bridging Visa A - will have full work rights and you 6 months will then be reset after this "kicks in" I believe. Check then if the 6 month restriction is still applied.

An a few occasions the #2 has been a little slow to follow by a few days or a week - if you do not get it within a week follow it up.

** There is no 12 month living together requirement - The relationship must be 12 months or more to claim de facto but not live together all that time.
The BVA for a partner visa comes with no work restrictions. It's a bit different from other BVAs, in that it doesn't follow the same conditions as your previous visa.
Yep but VEVO check that to be sure.
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