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philhewitt said:
Hey, My name's Phil.

I'm 21, I have absolutely no skilled work that would enable me get in that way. My girlfriend is an Australian citizen & lives on the Sunshine Coast, we have been together for 2 years, but only lived with each other (at her mums) for 10 months. Does this make the de-facto process a complete rule-out? I have only my GCSE's and BTech national in music technology and I don't think study is an option. I work as a digital and lighting assistant for a high-end fashion photographer, working in that industry... would that help aid my chances of sponsorship? and finally... does my age matter? I'm 21., 22 in november. I worry that anything I apply for will look as though i'm "too young" if that makes sense.

Any advice would be appreciated SO much.
Hi Phil,

They are pretty strict on the 12 months requirement for the defacto visa, have you thought about coming to Australia on a WHV, living with your girlfriend and therefore reaching the 12 month requirement?? Also, if you are planning on getting married any time soon, you could apply for a PMV which I don't think has the 12 month requirement on it...

Hope this helps a little, I'm sure someone can come along with more help and advice!

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