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EcoPellets Tasmania Wood Pellet Heating Fuel, Australia’s Most Trusted Wood Pellet Manufacturer.
Keep warm in Winter with easy to use, clean heat pellets made from 100% untreated & natural wood sawdust.

Made in Tasmania, Australia, these pellets burn hotter for longer than fire wood, with minimal ash to clean up.
Pellets can also be used in pellet smokers
Our wood pellet products are available via retail outlets.


Benefits of Renewable Heat Pellet Fuel
  1. Low Carbon emitter
  2. Cost effective and convenient heat source
  3. Easy Sourcing for Buyers order anytime, available all year round, ready to use, no chopping wood, no worrying about hidden spiders
  4. Easy storage in convenient compact recyclable bags
  5. ECO Friendly
  6. Great for our environment
  7. 100% Australia Tasmania Made
  8. 100% Australian renewable energy made with saw-milling residue from sustainable managed forests.
  9. Reduces smoke emission
  10. Sustainable and clean
  11. FSC Certified plantation timber.
  12. Offer a cost-effective and clean substitute for heating with cord wood, propane, or oil
15KG per bag and the size is 600*300*100(mm)
Moisture Content: 6% – 8%
Diameter: 6mm
Use of our Pellets
Energy (Replace Coal)
Heating (Pellet Heaters)
Boilers (Pellet Boilers)
Biomass Energy Source.
Home Heating
EcoPellets Pellet Fuel is a premium quality wood pellet product with a high combustion efficiency, creating great value for money compared to other heating methods. Our pellets are made with a range of timber residue material from FSC Certified plantations in Tasmania. These include 100% softwood, 100% hardwood, 50/50 blend. This provides a great heating value along with low carbon emissions and low ash.
For pallet purchases (66 bags/pallet)
Please contact us so we can arrange shipping details
We accept card, or pay cash when you pick up the item
Please let us know if paying details are required to make a payment





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EcoPellets Tasmania Wood Pellet big discount :giggle: (y) Australia’s Most Trusted Wood Pellet Manufacturer. Contact us to learn more📞
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