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Hello everybody,

I have a question. I ll be glad if u can answer.

I am from Turkey and applied for 190(skilled immigrant) pr visa. Probably it will be accepted in 6 months.

My girlfriend is from Turkey also and she wants to come to Australia with me. But our consultant told us it is almost impossible to be accepted as defacto partnerssip visa if we apply from Turkey.

Our idea is to marry or to apply defacto partnership visa with her tourist visa or with a work and holiday visa.

do you think is it possible to marry with someone in a work and holiday visa when the other person have pr.

thank you and have a nice day:)
Once you have PR, you will be able to sponsor her for a partner visa, but it would have been much cheaper and simpler if she had been included in your sc. 190 application, provided of course that you are in a proper de-facto or married relationship.
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