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Hi Guys,

Need someone to share their experience. :)

I came to Australia in March 2018, to reunite with my partner and applied for 820/801 on 19 June and got BVA on 21 June 2018.

I applied for 820/801(complying with defacto requirements by showing relationship from past 5 years). Currently, we have been living in together sharing finances, utilities and a housing agreement just like any other defacto relationship.

Recently, I got an amazing overseas job offer. It is really hard to reject this offer due to 2 reasons:

A. It's hard to get a professional job while you are on BVA. 4/5 times failed to get the job due to the BVA factor.:(

B. Not having a professional role for over 12-15 months for 820 grant and assuming another year for 801 (as per immigration timelines for 820/801 stages 1& 2 visa grants) will ruin my carrier.:mad:

So I am thinking of taking this opportunity, travelling and working (8-12 months) there and return when required.

I would like to know if anyone has been in such a situation, where they travelled to work in another country during their 820/801 application.

And how did they manage the gap/convincing immigration and what was the outcome?

Thanks in advance!:)


P.S: My partner will be staying in Aus and will not be travelling with me. We are planning to be in a long-distance relationship.
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