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Would like to travel but Bridging visa not in effect

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Hi guys,

My partner is currently in Australia on an Visitor visa (Subclass 600) which expires on 25 May 2018. Due to the 3 month limit per stay she should leave the country by 22nd Feb (arrived in Nov).

We have applied for a Partner 820 visa and have been granted the Bridging (A) visa. The grant letter mentions that it is not yet in effect due to the current visitor visa.

However, we already booked the tickets to go back to Vietnam for holiday from 8th Feb 18 to 28th Feb 18. We booked in advance when the tickets were cheap and didn’t think about the application, so now we are so worried and confused because of her visa status. If we leave the country before 22nd Feb, it means my partner bridging visa still doesn’t kick in yet, she cant apply for bridging visa B to get out and get in Australia.

So the question is: Can she just travel on her tourist visa which allows her to get in and out Australia every 3 months and does it affect her bridging visa A if she travels on the visitor visa?

We are worried if she travels on her tourist visa, her bridging visa A can be ceased after that.
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Yes correct it will just be a 3 month wait on return for the Bridging Visa to kick in.

But you are now currently available for Medicare.
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