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arunkumar92 11-22-2017 06:45 AM

Best Tourist places to visit in Australia?
Hi Everyone. I am new to this forum. I would like to know which is best place to visit in Australia? Why that place is better to visit?

TheFluff 11-24-2017 05:52 PM

The reef, uluru kata tjuta national park, Blue mountains, Sydney (bridge, harbour, opera house), Country victoria.

Really it depends on how long you have, what kind of budget you have and what things really interest you.

gossippk10 12-14-2017 09:07 PM

Thanks so much for this.
I have also posted information on this but cant share link as i am a new member. :(

SuzyMayer 01-27-2018 04:25 PM

What else would you recommend in Sydney, which restaurants are good? I would like to try some local food.

AlexeiN 02-05-2018 10:28 PM

It depends on your budget level really. In busy and highly populated areas like Melb and Sydney you will be lucky to even find a breakfast for under 15 dollars pp. ( THey have to pay ridiculous amounts of rent every month)

If you are on a budget, nothing beats getting a BBQ chicken from the local grocery store or going to Mcdonalds and ordering a burger. Invest in a good rice cooker as well it will save you a lot of trouble spending on takeaway.

AlexeiN 02-05-2018 10:28 PM

What area of sydney do you live in we can probably recommend many different restaraunts.

alexleeds 02-10-2018 04:31 PM

Highly recommend the north east of Queensland - north of Cairns and the Daintree Rainforest/ barrier reef region around Port Douglas area. You can be an intrepid explorer or take it easy with the standard tourist sights.

Drake1234 07-12-2018 02:28 PM

In Australia, there are many interesting places for tourists. You must be taken into account your interests. Therefore, you need to plan your vacation yourself. If you like architecture, cultural buildings and nature, then the best city to visit Melbourne. This city is the cultural capital of Australia. There are many architectural buildings, old buildings, ultra modern entertainment centers with various shops, cafes and clubs (for example, the club of the virtual reality - VIRI VR). Melbourne is a vivid example of a modern, laconic city, where history and civilization live side by side. This is a great city for tourism!

builder_all2018 07-27-2018 08:39 AM

Gold Coast is beautiful has such a vibrant atmosphere.

LukeAVA 09-20-2018 10:38 AM

There are many great places in Australia and I recommend the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge as this is the most popular or something like when you saw it you can immediately conclude that this is really Australia. Also, if you want to go to beach, Bondi Beach is great.

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