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Baatluri 12-11-2011 11:20 PM

Child sponsership visa subclass 101

I am a permanent resident (885 skilled independednt visa) in Australia. Now we would like to bring my son who is in India( 6 years old). I contacted the immigration department and I was told that we need to apply for subclass 101 child sponsership visa.

Now the question is I am not sure where to lodge my application for my son. Do I need to send the application via courier to the Australian High commision which is in New Delhi, or can I lodge the paper application in Adelaide, Australia. And also I was told to contact migration agents if I have any querries while filling the application forms.

The thing is I can not affort to hire MARA agent to lodge 101 visa as they charge minimum of $1500 per application and the application cost is $2000, so totally It will be $3500 for us.

If any one knows about a MARA agent who charges less in Adelaide. Please let me know.

Thanks in advance.


VICKI 01-08-2012 12:54 PM

Child Sponsorship 101
You are the parent living in Australia. You must complete the form without any errors. Ask someone with very good English to read and check it for you. Re-read the fact sheet too. You must lodge it here in Australia. It must be sent to their Perth office because it is there that they process them. If you send it to your city Immi office it will take over a week to process in their mailing room. Ring Immi to get the address.
You can do this without a migration lawyer. It is not hard. Ring Immi and ask specific questions about any question or wording you are unsure of. Do it as often as you want. Your partner/wife must complete their section giving permission too. Add the required documentation they ask for. Good luck.

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