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aryajaide 02-20-2013 12:06 AM

PMV-First Step, please help
I met my gf on the internet last November 2012. We made a decision that we will commit ourselves with each other.

I will be visiting her in May 2013 for the first time and getting officialy engage. I’m not quite sure what steps should I take first. What should I be doing in preparation for her migration to Australia?

Should we just get married on our first meeting? Or would the’ official’ engagement suffice?

I have read the booklet, the forms 40SP & 47SP. But we just don’t know where to start. Could someone please enlighten us as to what the first steps we should be taking, bearing in mind that I am going in the Philippines to meet her.


MarkNortham 02-20-2013 04:22 AM

Hi -

No matter what you do, if you want to get your girlfriend/fiance/partner a visa for Australia, you will have to demonstrate a genuine relationship. And frankly, you might want to allow some time after you've met and become engaged to see if the relationship is going to work out before you spend thousands of dollars on partner visa, travel, etc.

I'm hardly in a position to give you relationship advice, but from an immigration point of view, I'd suggest applying for the Prospective Marriage Visa (PMV) after you've met and become engaged. Then she can come to Australia for a period of 9 months, during which you can get married, then apply for an onshore partner visa application. The PMV application will probably take 6 months or so to process, giving you both more time to get to know each other - you may be able to get a visitor visa for her to come to Australia during that period, and you could of course visit her.

Hope this helps -


Mark Northam

aryajaide 02-20-2013 01:11 PM

Thanks Mark. Yes, it does help. I have read a lot on this forum re demonstration of a genuine relationship and I'm quite aware of that. Now that I have an idea, I can start the process of collecting documents.

We plan to open a bank account together in the Philippines which would add legitamacy to our relationship.

Is there anything I can do in in terms of preparing my documents and hers? What legal documents should I bring to the Philippines with me?

Thanks again.

wishful 02-21-2013 03:57 AM

Hi aryajaide,

You may want to check this thread for PMV and Spousal visa applicants from Philippines:

jjcross 02-21-2013 06:18 AM

Hi Aryajaide

Continues communication is very important to prove that you have a legit relationship for a PMV application.
Start collecting now your chat logs, email, skype logs to your girlfriend. If you're calling her regularly, make sure you have a copy of you phone bills. Same as hers.

Below are the list of document we submitted when my fiance applied for PMV last year.
Hope this helps.

1. Applicant
1.1. Completed Form 47SP - Application for Migration to Australia by a partner
1.2. Completed Form 80 – Personal particulars for assessment
1.3. Certified copy of Passport
1.4. Original online copy of Birth Certificate
1.5. Original online copy of CENOMAR
1.6. Original copy of NBI clearance
1.7. Original copy of Police Clearance
1.8. Certified copy of Residential Address Evidence(for form 80)
1.9. Certified copy of College Diploma(degree qualifications)
1.10. Declaration statement from mother
1.11. Declaration statement from friend
1.12. Relationship History Statement
1.13. Certified copy of SSS & Tax ID Numbers

2. Sponsor
2.1. Completed Form 40SP – Sponsorship for partner to migrate to Australia
2.2. Certified copy of Birth Certificate
2.3. Certified copy of Australian Passport
2.4. Certified copy of Australian Citizenship
2.5. Certified copy of Employment Certificate
2.6. Certified copy of Australian Annual Income
2.7. Certified copy of Latest 3 Months Payslips
2.8. Certified copy of Bank Statements
2.9. Certified copy of Single Status Certificate
2.10. Certified copy of Money Remittance Receipt
2.11. Certified copy of Notice of Intended Marriage
2.12. Certified copy of Letter from Marriage Celebrant
2.13. Certified copy of Text Messages
2.14. Certified copy of Mobile Phone Bills
2.15. Certified copy of Plane Ticket
2.16. Statutory Declaration from Friend 1
2.17. Statutory Declaration from Friend 2
2.18. Relationship History Statement
2.19. Invoice/Receipt for Visa Application
2.20. Statutory Declaration to certify that all attached documents are true copies

aryajaide 03-04-2013 05:19 AM

Yes, we have an ongoing relationship and almost everyday communication to date. Infact, I will be visiting her this coming May. We plan to put everything in 'our' name eg, hotel bills, etc. We are also intending to open a bank account together while I am there.

And yes, we have started collecting those infos as you suggested re letters, phone bills, chats, etc.

Thanks for the jjcross. I gather that your partner is here already.

aryajaide 03-04-2013 05:33 AM


Originally Posted by jjcross (Post 81694)
Hi Aryajaide

2.5. Certified copy of Employment Certificate
How is this different from the Payslips? Is this something that you ask from your employer? Would a letter be sufficient?

2.6. Certified copy of Australian Annual Income
Would the Tax statement in Tax lodge be enough evidence to support this or Payslip for the month of Financial year ie end of June (Certified of course)

2.9. Certified copy of Single Status Certificate
Do i required this even we are getting married in Australia and do I need a Divorce Certificate?

2.12. Certified copy of Letter from Marriage Celebrant
Confuse? I take that this is only if you get married offshore (we are getting married onshore)

Thanks for your info.

dunan 03-04-2013 07:54 AM


1. Letter from current employer stating when you commenced employment and that you are still employed and maybe 2 most current payslips to prove it.

2. Tax accessment notice from ATO for 3 years (I think)

3. Last divorce certificate, but you may need to show all previous ones in application form plus no impedment to marry certificate.

4. A letter from celebrant that you have booked the marriage ceremony in Aust within the 8 month time period after arrival...No idea how one sets a date when you dont know how long approval will on a spousal visa so its different.

Hope this helps somewhat...

aryajaide 03-04-2013 09:37 AM


Originally Posted by dunan (Post 83122)

4. A letter from celebrant that you have booked the marriage ceremony in Aust within the 8 month time period after arrival...No idea how one sets a date when you dont know how long approval will on a spousal visa so its different.

This one's really bugging me. Got me stumped:confused:

Anyone shed some light on this requirement please, thank you.

MarkNortham 03-04-2013 11:23 AM

The immigration regulations require evidence that you and your fiance intend to marry during the expected term of the PMV visa. It is assumed that you will marry in Australia, although you aren't required to, however you are as a condition of the PMV visa required to marry before the visa expires. Assuming you'll be marrying in Australia, you may want to consider finding a marriage celebrant (there are lots of them, just google for a directory, etc) once you are engaged, and booking their services. As they haven't met both of you yet, they may not complete the Notice of Intent to Marry (NOIM), a document in Australia that officially registers a couple's intent to marry, however the celebrant will usually write a letter once you've booked him/her (and perhaps paid a deposit towards their services) that states that you have booked them and they will marry you assuming you meet all the requirements for the NOIM, etc. This letter, signed by a celebrant, is what you'll need to include with your visa application to meet the "intend to marry" requirement which is a time of application requirement - it must be included with the application for the PMV. As for the date you intend to get married, we usually suggest estimating it 7 months or so from the application lodgement date. You can always change the date later once you have a better idea when the visa is/will be issued.


Mark Northam

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