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Carla_Kenya 02-14-2017 08:01 AM

309/100 from Kenya
Hi, just looking for some advise on Spouse visa's from Kenya. I'm Australian and my husband is Kenyan, married since Nov 2014 and living together in Kenya since 2012. I return to Australia to work for a few months every year to earn enough to support us and am just about to return to Kenya and then will be applying for his visa online to hopefully come back to Aus together permanently. (I have a dependent spouse visa in Kenya, only cost $50 and was much easier to get, though did take about 8 months!)
Firstly how long does it usually take for a Kenyan application? I know its a high risk country, but we have a fair bit of evidence for our relationship being genuine.
Also should we do his medical and criminal record checks to submit with the initial app or is it better to wait till we are told to do it? I don't want to be paying for these things twice if the validity expires, as it's going to be a struggle to pay all the fees as it is.

skippy2017 02-15-2017 08:53 AM

I think if you have a read through some old threads you will be able to answer your own questions.

Visa application times vary depending on many factors. My guess is Kenyan application would take minimum 12 - 14 months since it is a high risk country. But again you should check your allocated embassy website for more accurate wait time.

Some people try to time it (medicals and police check) so that it is completed a few months before their visa is granted. e.g. after 6 months they get their checks done. Others wait to be asked. Generally it is recommended to wait a little if the published processing time is 12 months or more as these checks are only valid for 12 months. Also i read something about if/when you get your visa granted, it expires the same time as your health/medical checks so best to have a bit of extra time for yourself to get your things in order.

Note: I am not a migration agent or expert so please do your own research/seek advice.

Carla_Kenya 02-15-2017 10:06 AM

Thanks, but I've read through a lot of old threads and couldn't find an accurate answer. The embassy website has no times listed at all and from what I read in other threads the times given on the immigration website are also inaccurate. I was hoping to find people who have had experience with a Kenyan application and could give a more accurate guess.

I guess we won't be rushing to do the medical and police checks any time soon though...

Bramblebee 04-07-2017 09:10 AM

Hi Carla! We are in the same situation as you, only I'm the Kenyan and my hubs the Aussie. :)

Did you ever get an idea of processing times for Kenya? What did you decide on the police checks and medical exam?

Carla_Kenya 04-09-2017 12:22 PM

Hi Bramblebee
I didn't really find out anything accurate. The Australian Embassy Nairobi website did say 12 months, but people were saying that's not accurate, so who knows. I also read that the Nairobi embassy can be ridiculously slow, for no reason other than it's Kenya! TIA!
We haven't done the application yet, as we've had some other delays, but with the potential that it could take 12 months or more, and the medical and police clearance only being valid for 12 months we were going to wait until they are requested. We live at the coast so don't want to waste a trip to Nairobi if we have to repeat it.
Good luck!

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