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Visa time line - Family, spouse applications - Page 70

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Old 08-15-2011, 09:30 AM
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Date of application: 4th April 2011

Nationality: United States of America - (I am my husbands sponsor and Australian born and bred).

Visa type: Partner temporary visa (subclass 820) and permanent visa (subclass 801)

Offshore/onshore: Onshore - Lodged in Melbourne in person.

Medicals submitted (yes/no): No. Had medical in the US for WHV less than 12 months before lodging spouse visa. - Unsure if another medical is required.

Police check submitted (yes/no): Yes. USA FBI check.

Date CO assigned: N/A - Phoned immigration last week and was advised nothing had progressed yet.

Date visa granted: N/A

We submitted my husbands application with significant evidence to support our relationship and about 6 statutory declarations from his family in the States and mine here. We were informed by the woman who took our application that it would take at least 8-9 months to be assigned to a CO. She was most unhelpful and we had to pry information from her as to what would happen next, etc. I'm hoping we hear some good news soon!

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Date of application: 21 March 2011

Nationality: Kenyan

Visa type: PMV 309

Offshore/onshore: Off shore, in person in Nairobi Office, Kenya

Medicals submitted (yes/no): Yes, 9th June 2011

Police check submitted (yes/no): yes, with application

Date CO assigned: I bet on submission????????

Date visa granted: Waiting

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Date of application: 16/8/2011
Nationality: Taiwan
Visa type: Partner visa 820
Offshore/onshore: Onshore-PERTH
Medicals submitted (yes/no): Yes with app
Police check submitted (yes/no): Yes with app ( both Taiwan and Australia)
Date CO assigned: 16/8/11
Date visa granted: Waiting........

Just saw the processing time around 6-9 months in the form they sent to me ... but surprisly I saw the CO's name on the from that a good sign we got signed a CO in the beginning?? Good luck for us......

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Old 08-19-2011, 11:51 PM
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Visa granted!!!

Originally Posted by savage View Post
Date of application: 04/19/2011

Nationality: Canadian

Visa type: Spouse visa

Offshore/onshore: Offshore

Medicals submitted (yes/no): Yes

Police check submitted (yes/no): Yes

Date CO assigned: waiting... received letter in mail with file number and acknowledgement that they received my application and charged credit card.

Date visa granted: waiting
Well it's been a very long an impatient 4 months while we waited for the email, but it was granted TODAY!! No questions, no interview, just an email 4 months to the day from my CO advising that I have been granted the visa. WOOHOO!!!! Updated timeline is in my signature.

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Originally Posted by Daniel15 View Post
I guess I'd better add my girlfriend's timeline

Date of application: Sent 5th July 2011 via USPS Express Mail, arrived in Washington DC on 6th July 2011

Nationality: USA

Visa type: Offshore De-Factor Partner (subclass 309)

Offshore/onshore: Offshore - Washington USA

Medicals submitted (yes/no): No

Police check submitted (yes/no): Australian and FBI, waiting on state police check

Date CO assigned: 15th July 2011 in confirmation email, haven't gotten CO's contact details yet.

Date visa granted: Not yet
Updates: State police check was sent 3rd August 2011 and medicals were done on 19th August 2011

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Originally Posted by Ginger View Post
Originally Posted by Ginger View Post
Date of application: 8 Sept 2010 (Manila)

Nationality: Filipino

Visa type: Prospective Marriage 300

Offshore/onshore: Offshore

Medicals submitted (yes/no): Yes, fiance had TB so rigorous tests done and she passed

Police check submitted (yes/no): The embassy sent a letter requesting Singapore police clearance, as she lived there for >1 yr in the last 10. We had a freind go and request this from the Singapore police on 20 Oct 2010 and found out that on 18 Oct the Singapore police will no longer issue Certificates of No Crimincal Conviction to NON-SINGAPORE CITIZENS.

We sent all the relevant links and explanation back to the embassy and the CO passed it on to Canberra for a decision given it is a material policy change by the Singaporean and impacts character assessment protocol ...

Date CO assigned: Immediately

Date visa granted: Pending ...
Update (23 Jan 11): Have submitted Stat Dec in early Dec and still have not heard a peep out of the CO ... coming up for 5 months since paperwork was submitted

VISA GRANTED ON 3 March 11 which is a few days shy of six months. I got so fed up waiting that I rang DIAC's complaints line and the customer service officer opened up my fiance's file and found out that everything had been approved just before Xmas. She said it was odd the file hadn't been finalised. Anyhow, net result is that afternoon my fiance gets a call from the agent saying that the CO had called to say the green light had been given. I think sometime, when justified, like six month mark, there is no harm making some noise. I think it got a result - we're now so happy we can move on.

Hang in there for those still waiting ... its a fab feeling once your partner's visa is approved.
++++++++++++ PARTNER 820/801 VISA - ONSHORE +++++++

We got married on 5 May 2011 and then lodged the application for the 820/801 visa on 26 May 2011, using an agent.

We got a reply within 5 days requesting pictures of our actual wedding day and proof of address, which we sent back within 2 days.

VISA GRANTED on 28 June 2011 - a month later. This is good for two years and then we just need to apply for the 801, which is usually a formality as long as the marriage is still good.

Lessons: Use a good agent, make sure all documents up to scratch and be patient.

Best wishes to those still going through the waiting process.

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Date of application: 07/08/2011

Nationality: American

Visa type: Defacto visa (we asked to be considered for a permanent visa as we've been living together over 3 years).

Offshore/onshore: Offshore

Medicals submitted (yes/no): Yes

Police check submitted (yes/no): Yes

Date CO assigned: Name and case number sent to us in an email on July 26th, 2011

Date visa granted: waiting

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Update: Full Working Rights Granted

Originally Posted by nighstar View Post
Date of application: July 27th, 2011
Nationality: American
Visa type: Partner Visa Subclass 820/801 (De facto)
Offshore/onshore: Onshore (Brisbane, in person)
Medicals submitted (yes/no): Yes, with application 07/27/11.
Police check submitted (yes/no):
Australian National PCC: Yes, with application 07/27/11.
American FBI Background Check: No; submitted application 06/29/11, still no results.
Japanese PCC: No; submitted application 06/30/11, still no results.
Date CO assigned:
Date visa granted:

having been told by DIAC previously that applying in person for a Partner Visa on the day that your current visa expires is ok (provided you meet the 12 month requirement, of course), i applied for a (De facto) Partner Visa Subclass 820/801 today in person at the Brisbane processing center. the wait was kind of long, but in the end everything went smoothly. the guy who accepted my application congratulated me on how well it was put together (all thanks to this forum!) and he issued me a Bridging Visa A with a grant letter on the spot.

even though i applied for all of my PCCs (3!) in advance, i wish i had applied for the US and Japanese ones sooner as they take 2+ months to be processed.... i am now afraid that my visa application will go to the bottom of a very large pile of applications simply because i'm missing those two documents, regardless of having everything else. *sigh*

upon asking about work limitations, i was very much encouraged to apply to have my 6 month per employer work limitation removed via Form 1005. he made it sound like getting the work restriction removed would be a piece of cake.... i'm now considering it. having been told that the current processing time is 9~12 months, better job prospects (ie. no restrictions) during that time would be nice!

goodluck everyone! hopefully 9~12 months from now i'll not only have a new visa but i'll still retain my sanity.

Application: Form 1005 - Request to change work rights on bridging visa
Date submitted: 08/18/2011(in person @ Brisbane Visa Processing Center)
Date granted: 08/23/2011 (via phone; letter to be sent via snailmail)

on Aug. 18th i applied in person at the Brisbane Processing Center to have the "8547 EMPLOYER WORK LIMIT" condition removed from my Bridging Visa A. the condition came from the WHV (Subclass 462) that i had been on at the time of applying for a Partner Visa (820/801). after finally making it through a long line just to get to the reception desk, we (me & my partner) were then incorrectly given a ticket to wait in another long line to hand in the application. what SHOULD have happened (according to the immigration officer with whom i eventually spoke) is reception should have taken the application and sent it to the Partner Visa Dept. we should never have had to wait in that second line which resulted in us being there for over 2 hours. in way of apology, the immigration officer that we finally spoke to after the 2 hour wait said that he would mark my application as "URGENT". whether or not this helped my application get granted i do not know, but i received a phone call today saying that it had been granted and i'm super happy!

what i included in the application:
- completed form 1005
- copy of latest bank statements from my accounts, my partner's accounts and our joint accounts.
- spreadsheet detailing our estimated weekly/monthly expenses compared to my partner's income.
- copies of 2 recent bills

so to those wondering, YES it is possible to get your work rights/limitations/conditions changed while on a Bridging Visa waiting for a Partner Visa! the application is free, so it can't hurt to try applying. goodluck!

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See more about my timeline here.

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Originally Posted by tickledpink View Post
Date of application: 8th April 2011 they took the money and we received the email

Visa type: Partner 309/100

Nationality: I am Aussie and Husband is Maltese

Offshore/onshore: Offshore - Lodged in Berlin

Medicals submitted (yes/no): Not yet

Police check submitted: Yes, with application

Date CO assigned: Waiting, hopefully not much longer

Date visa granted: Waiting!
We were assigned a C/O yesterday, 22nd August. She asked my husband to go for his medical and xray, He will be going tomorrow. Hopefully it won't be long now for visa to be granted.

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Originally Posted by Missing my wife View Post
Date of application: July 18,2010

Nationality: SUDAN

Visa type: 309

Offshore/onshore: Offshore -Cairo,Egypt

Medicals submitted (yes/no): Yes a week after lodgement of application

Police check submitted (yes/no):Yes with application

Date CO assigned: Sep 21, 2010

Date visa granted: Still Waiting .....

Updates : 22 August 2011 - I was called today by my CO and asked to undergo a new medical tests and make a new local police check as the ones I did already were expired.

TODAY 25 August 2011 - VISA GRANTED (They called me and told me no need to undergo the new medical tests) - ONE YEAR -ONE MONTH & 7 DAYS.
I want to take this opportunity to send my special greetings and thanks to Mike the creator of this thread,it has been a great help and support to me.
Thanks and best of luck to you all.

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