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mike 05-13-2009 11:24 AM

Visa time line - Family, spouse applications
At the request of a couple of members I am starting this thread for people to post their dates of their application so other people can get an idea how long an application will take. Note: please use the information as a guide only! We have no way of verifying what people post.

Please only post family related visa applications here - defacto, spouse etc. This will only work if enough people participate and keep their information updated.

Please don't post any questions here or make any other posts. I want to keep the thread as "clean" as possible. If you are excited about getting your visa please start a new thread so everyone can post congratulatory messages. Make your post something like this format:

Date of application:


Visa type:


Medicals submitted (yes/no):

Police check submitted

Date CO assigned:

Date visa granted:


Megera 05-13-2009 06:09 PM

Nationality: Canadian
Visa type applied for: Spouse (de facto) Temporary Visa (Subclass 309) and Permanent Visa (Subclass 100), Offshore application
Area migrating to: Melbourne

Police Check: Sent with my original application
Medical Check: Requested on 08/04/09, completed on 22/04/09, received by Ottawa on 29/04/09

16/03/09: Sent application to processing centre in Ottawa
20/03/09: Application received by Australian High Commission in Ottawa, case officer assigned.
08/04/09: Letter received requesting medical check and passport to be sent to AHC in Ottawa.
22/04/09: Medical complete.
29/04/09: Medical information received by AHC in Ottawa.
07/05/09: Passport sent to AHC in Ottawa.
12/05/09: Passport received by AHC in Ottawa.
20/05/09: VISA APPROVED!!
25/05/09: Passport received by me with visa sticker!!!!

* Note: I didn't receive an email notifying me of my visa being approved, I found out today (25/05/09) when my visa arrived back to me by mail.

Beatrice 05-15-2009 08:28 AM

Date of application: Sent to London 2009-04-11 (as we live in Ireland)
Nationality: Swedish
Visa type: Spouse (de facto) Temporary Visa (Subclass 309) and Permanent Visa (Subclass 100)
Offshore/onshore: Offshore
Medicals submitted: Yes (and as my doctor sent that in before I posted my application it arrived early..)
Police check submitted: Yes for Sweden & Ireland but not Australia as I had not been there a full year. Was asked to supply this later by CO as I had been in Australia almost a full year and then for a holiday so it did come to more than 365 days.
Date CO assigned: 2009-04-14
Date visa granted: : 2009-05-20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2009-03-23: Did medical
2009-03-27: Did X-Ray
2009-04-01: Dr. sent all to London
2009-04-11: Sent application (1.75kg) to London (sent it this late as we where waiting for our last 888 form but ended up sending it without as was adviced by London it would not delay the processing).
2009-04-14: Proof of genuine & continuing relationship (bills, bank statements, photos etc received in the post together with receipt that London had deducted £660 from my credit card
2009-04-14: Received email from CO that she was dealing with my application and that proof of G&C was sufficient therefore sent back as they do not keep originals. She asked me for Australian Police Clearance & letter from my employer
2009-04-15: Sent off letter to Australian Federal Police
2009-05-05: Received Police Clearance and expressed to CO together with letter from my employer & last 888 form.
2009-05-07: CO received above
2009-05-11: Email received from CO that she did not require anything further from me at this stage and will be in contact in due course.
2009-05-20: Email received from CO that visa was granted! Woohooooo! My partner and I are so happy the first thing he said was "I told you not to worry!" :o)

Belle20 05-19-2009 10:58 AM

Date of application: Sent application to the Australian Embassy in Berlin on the 27th of March 2009

Nationality: I am an Australian citizen by birth and my boyfriend is French, we live together here in France

Visa type: Spouse (de facto) Temporary Visa (Subclass 309) and Permanent Visa (Subclass 100)


Medicals submitted (yes/no): Yes submitted by doctor at the same date as our original application

Police check submitted (yes/no): Yes we submitted it with our original application

Date CO assigned: We have had 2. Our first CO was assigned on April 6th 2009 and our second assigned on April 21st 2009

Interview: Our CO contacted us on the 21st of April stating he wanted to have a phone interview with my boyfriend. He also requested a written statement by me (the sponsor) outlining sponsorship duties and also a military service certificate. The documents were sent off on the 24th of April and the interview was held on the 27th of April.

Other: CO contacted us again on May 6th stating our photocopy of the military document was not certified properly so we sent another on May 8th.

Date visa granted: TODAY!! 19th May 2009!!! So happy!!!

zrina24 05-21-2009 11:53 AM

Date of application: 12 of February 2009 I took my application to the Australian Embassy in Zagreb,Croatia. They've checked documents and put a stamp on application. After I've sent application to the Australian Embassy in Berlin, they recived it on 26 of February 2009.

Nationality: I am Croatian,my husband in Australian. I live in Croatia,he lives in Australia.

Visa type: Spouse visa (Subclass 309 )

Offshore/onshore: Offshore

Medicals submitted (yes/no): Yes, submitted by doctor. She sent it on 05 of May 2009, I still don't know if it arrived to Berlin. (Last wednesday (13 of May) it hasn't:( )

Police check submitted (yes/no): Yes, submitted with application.

Date CO assigned: The day I took application to the Australian Embassy in Zagreb,Croatia, they give me paper with name of my CO,number of telephone and e-mail adress

Interview: I will have the interview on 25 of May 2009!!


Date visa granted:


February 12 2009:application recived at Australian Embassy in Zagreb
February 12 2009:CO assigned
February 26 2009:application recived at Australian Embassy in Berlin
March 23 2009: recived an e-mail from CO to go and do the medical, correct something in the form 47SP(I forgot to answer on one question) and I must reply to my CO when I will be available for the interview
March 28 2009: Did the medical with X-ray
May 05 2009: Medical was sent to Berlin
May 13 2009: I phone my CO and arrange to have an interview on 25th May

clarebare 05-28-2009 12:50 PM

Nationality: Canadian
Visa type applied for: Spouse Temporary Visa (Subclass 309) and Permanent Visa (Subclass 100), Offshore application
Area migrating to: Brisbane
Police Check: Yes, Sent just after original application
Medical Check: Not yet requested, but appointment made for June 3rd

Time Line

21/05/ 2009- Application Submitted
22/ 05/2009- Application received
25/05/2009- Case Officer Assigned
27/05/2009- Police Check Submitted
03/06/2009- X-Ray completed
03/06/2009- Medical, passport and my children's Australian passports requested
19/06/2009-Medical, my passports and children's Australian Passports received in Ottawa
02/07/2009- VISA GRANTED!!! YIPEE!!
07/07/2009- Visa Received!!

darreno 05-29-2009 04:48 AM

Date of application: 29/05/09

Nationality: Thai

Visa type: spouse visa subclass 820


Medicals submitted (yes/no):yes

Police check submitted (yes/no):yes

Date CO assigned:29/05/09

Date visa granted: 29/05/09

Man, we are so lucky. We just got back from immigration in Sydney. We had our application submission appointment today. The appointment only took 30 minutes and at the end of it, they granted my partners visa right on the spot.


tomyum 06-01-2009 09:55 AM

We are still waiting. In BANGKOK, THAILAND. Since February 2009.
We both had interview together 25/5/09 for one hour !
Everyone says visa processing takes 3 months (at least)
Have seen reports of much less time. Don't know why.
Because our application had everything. We have been together for one year. We have lived together most of the year too.

Date of application:6/4/09


Visa type:Prospective Spouse (fiancé) Subclass 300

Offshore/onshore: offshore

Medicals submitted (yes/no):yes

Police check submitted (yes/no):yes

Date CO assigned:9/5/09

Date visa granted: STILL WAITING

cords 06-23-2009 05:11 PM

Nationality: Swedish

Visa type: Partner visa 309

Offshore/onshore: Offshore

Medicals submitted (yes/no): Yes

Police check submitted (yes/no): Yes

Date of application: 23/3/09 received by Australian Embassy in Berlin

Date CO assigned: 23/3/09

Date of phone interview: 05/5/09

Date of email requesting passport for stamping of visa: 10/6/09

Date visa granted: 12/6/09

Date of email advising visa was finalised: 18/6/09

Total processing time: Little under 3 months.

We are so happy & relieved that this long and arduous process is over and that we can get on with our lives. :D

My advice for others is to submit your medical & police checks & military service records with your application, even if you're not sure if its needed. It may save time later on so just do it anyway.

Also, if you are applying in Australia and have any questions on your particular case, I recommend the Immigration advice & rights centre. Its a free phone service with limited opening hours.
We called them to find out if our particular circumstances meant that we would not meet the 12 month living together requirement. They advised that at that time we didn't and therefore saved us applying too early & being denied (and also saved us a stack of non-refundable application fee!).
They were much more helpful & informative than the immigration department.

For more info: Immigration Advice and Rights Centre

Good luck everyone and be patient!

The Thing 07-15-2009 10:14 PM

Nationality: Irish

Visa type: Class 300 Prospective Marriage Visa

Offshore/ Onshore: Offshore

Medicals submitted: Yes ,after two weeks when C.O. requested them in initial email.

Police check: Yes with Initial application, however because it only had my name that I normally use and not my middle name as well I had to re-submit.

Date of application: 22/04/09

Date Case Officer assigned: 05/05/09

Date of phone interview: Not required

Date requesting passport for stamping: 25/08/09

Date visa granted: 25/08/09

The C.O. requested more information when the application was being processed, my fiancee and I had to submit proof that our wedding was lodged with the State Authorities, so that took an extra 3 weeks to have that sorted as the paper work had to be sent to me from Australia, then I had to go to the Embassy to have it witnessed then back to Australia and then back to me and then back to the embassy. I also had to re-submit my Police clearence certificate with my middle name as well.
I also submitted a cover letter with was stamped and dated from my former employer (Dept of Defence) with a charachter reference as well.
My fiancee and I also had a house here together which we have now sold and a block of Land in Australia and are now half way through a new build. I'm also due to start Uni over there next Feb and left the Army to head over.

The other half went back to Oz in Feb as her Visa and extended Visa had ran out and I had to wait to be discharged from the Defence Forces to make the application for the Visa as they look for discharge Cert.
So after almost 3 months waiting for the Visa, I just want the Visa to come now as I am missing my girl alot :(

It's nice to read other peoples experiences and see the positive experiences that they have had.

I'd just like to add I had my Visa granted on the 25 of this Month, August, I am so delighted. Now I can marry my beautiful girl and settle down and have a few Bambinos. To anyone reading this, if you have applied for a Visa keep your head up and keep faith in the process but phone your C.O. if you haven't heard anything in a while, don't just leave it and good luck.

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