OZ Latest immigration priority 2009-2010

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OZ Latest immigration priority 2009-2010

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Old 06-25-2009, 07:39 AM
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OZ Latest immigration priority 2009-2010

Dear Wanderor,Mike,
Thank you for giving good suggestions to our members at all times.The australian imigration process till going the same status.The govt announced the same situation after the financial year 2009-2010.
And they dont ready to give the visa for Modl,and other non csl catogary.

My australia friends confirmed the message.
The govt ready to repay the fees amount and they send a letter to the applicant.The letter contains the information.....

"The Australian Immigration and Citizenship department have started issuing letters to visa applicants who have applied for Australian Residency under certain visa classes.The letter confirms that priority will be given to applicants who are applying under the employer or state sponsored visa classes. In addition the letter also confirms that priority will remain for those holding a primary occupation which is listed on the Critical Skills List (CSL)Essentially though, the letter goes onto confirm that if you do not fall into one of these three categories, it now looks almost certain that the processing of your application will be delayed into the 2010 – 1011 Migration program year."

Please expect your valuable suggestion regarding,


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That's the first I have heard ritu of such letters going out but it would not surprise me as a follow-up to policies that have been introduced in respect to priorities for processing.

It does make some sense for the government to do something like that as it is in my book far better to be up front in respect to what immigration needs are rather than just keep delaying processing of applications for which it may be seen there is going to be little opportunity of employment.

So people looking at making applications just need to take that into account and I have raised a number of times in threads over the last few months that if applicants can get a state nomination that should put them in a better position for immigration but it's still no guarantee of getting employment in what is a tightening market.

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Old 06-25-2009, 09:54 PM
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Hello Wanderer, just to keep you updated this is the letter we received this morning from our case officer. To repeat, we are family sponsored 138, applied in August 2007, by now finished everything, including health, character and spouse IELTS test, we were waiting for the application finalization and than this.....
Dear Sir/ Madam,
General Skilled Migration (GSM) Priority Processing Arrangements for 2009-10
As you may be aware, in a media release dated 12 May 2009, the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Senator Chris Evans (“the Minister”) announced that, in response to the continued economic slowdown, the Australian Government has decided that the permanent skilled migrant
intake for the 2009-10 program year will be 108,100 places.
As a result, the priority arrangements implemented on 1 January 2009 following the Minister’s direction in relation to the order of consideration of certain applications for sponsorship, nomination and visas under the Skill Stream of the Migration Program, will remain in place for 2009–10.
Consistent with that direction, visa applications under the permanent GSM Program will be processed according to the following order:
1. employer sponsorship
2. State or Territory sponsorship
3. an occupation on the Critical Skills List (CSL)
4. an occupation on the Migration Occupation in Demand List (MODL)
5. all other applications in date of lodgement order
The arrangements put in place will continue to ensure that priority is given to employer-sponsored and government-sponsored visa applications, and that skills shortages in particular fields and regional areas are addressed. Furthermore, the CSL will remain in place for those applicants who have skills in areas of critical need and are seeking to migrate to Australia without a sponsor.
How are you affected?
Your application does not fall into Groups 1-2 and your nominated occupation is not on the CSL (http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/gener...kills-list.pdf). This means that no further processing can be done on your application until all applications in Groups 1-3 have been
finalised. Based on current application rates for Groups 1-3, it is unlikely at this stage that applications which fall in Groups 1-3 will be exhausted in the 2009-10 Migration Program year and processing of Groups 4 and 5 will be delayed until this has occurred. This arrangement applies to all applications in Groups 4 and 5, irrespective of whether health and character clearances have been provided; the date your application was submitted; whether the
application is in the final stages of processing or your nominated occupation was previously on the CSL.
We will contact you again should there be any changes to the above arrangements.
If your nominated occupation is Accountant, ASCO code 2211-11 or Computing Professional (nec), ASCO Code 2231-79, see Attachment A.
Providing outstanding documents If you were requested to undergo health and character checks but have not yet initiated these, you should not proceed until a further request is made by the Department.
If you have already undergone your health and character checks, these should still be forwarded to the Department. However, please note that processing of your application will not be finalised until further notice.
No further documentation should be provided until your new case officer contacts you.
Your visa status
For Onshore GSM applicants (subclass 496, 880, 881, 882, 885, 886), you will hold a Bridging visa A until a decision is made on your GSM application. If you wish to travel overseas during the processing of your GSM application, you should apply for a Bridging visa B (at your nearest DIAC office) before
leaving Australia.
If you are granted a Bridging visa B, you have permission to travel overseas and to re-enter Australia (within a set period) while your GSM application is being processed, as it gives you a temporary visa status, should your current substantive visa expire. Further information on Bridging visas can be
found at: http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/booklets/1024i.pdf
For Offshore GSM applicants (subclass 134, 136, 137, 138, 139, 175, 176, 475, 496) who are in Australia, bridging visas are not applicable to your application. To remain lawfully in Australia you will need to ensure you hold a substantive visa (eg Tourist, Student, Work).
How can you obtain priority processing?
To be eligible for priority processing you will need to obtain nomination by a State or Territory Government. This option is available for subclasses 134, 136, 175, 176, 885, 886. States and Territories can nominate applicants who have an occupation on their skills shortage list. They may also sponsor up to 500 visa applicants and their families per year who do not have occupations on their State or Territory list depending on the needs of local labour markets. Please note that it is entirely at the discretion of the State or Territory whether or not they choose to nominate a migration visa applicant.
If you receive a nomination, your application will be allocated to a case officer within 10 days of approval of this nomination.
Further information on State or Territory nominations can be found at:
General Skilled Migration Alternatively, you may seek an Australian employer to formally sponsor you. Further information on Employer sponsorship can be found at: http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/skill...sa-options.htm
Can I provide a new skills assessment?
If you obtain a new skills assessment for an occupation listed on the CSL, this can generally only be considered with a new application. You must ensure you meet the legislative criteria in place at the time of lodgement. Any new application will require a new visa application charge. Can I withdraw my application? If you wish to withdraw your application, you must advise the department in writing. This advice can include any number of applicants but must be signed by each person aged 18 years and over.
Applicants who wish to withdraw their application because of these processing delays will generally not be eligible for a refund of the first Visa Application Charge. This is because the legislation only allows limited circumstances in which refunds can be given.
Where can I get further information?
The Adelaide Skilled Processing Centre updates information on skilled visa processing every Tuesday. To receive an auto response, a blank email should be sent to: [email protected].
Further announcements on processing arrangements will also be published on the Department’s website at: What's New? Recent Changes in General Skilled Migration as changes are made.
The case officer previously assigned to your application will no longer be able to assist with enquiries about your application. All processing enquiries must be made via the Department’s post-lodgement website enquiry form at:
General Skilled Migration Post-Lodgement Enquiry Form
Yours sincerely
Case Officer
General Skilled Migration

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Old 06-26-2009, 10:12 AM
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Thanks for posting the full letter bosnian and I certainly share the angst that many applicants would feel, especially when seeming to be close to a finalisation as indicated in the para:

Re: " This arrangement applies to all applications in Groups 4 and 5, irrespective of whether health and character clearances have been provided; the date your application was submitted; whether the
application is in the final stages of processing or your nominated occupation was previously on the CSL. "

I remember when changes were first announced at start of January there was a specific comment that existing applications would be processed and though that was ammended some in March and again it would seem in the May announcement [the latter I have not caught up with] I would have thought the proper thing to do would have been to continue on with those advanced applications, it probably being relatively few in number that would have been involved.

Though that may have been dangling a carrot for some to decide on whether they make the move given economic circumstances, but at least they would have had the choice.

And then to advise applicants that are going to be in never never land limbo that if they wished to withdraw their application they would lose the application fee is a bit of salt rubbed into the wound.

For your own situation, it would seem that if applications are left pending [ a change in economic circumstances and review by the government/immi] your application could have processing recommenced at some future stage but even as we move into 2010 -2011 and beyond, if there is little improvement, you'll still be waiting.
Alternately, if still wanting a best early chance then if there is a chance you can qualify for state nomination I'd have a look at that - bear in mind though as I've previously said, a nomination is no guarantee of employment and if you have family here already they'll have a good handle of what their local situation is.

I'm sorry this is happening to people, it not likely to be good for many people in all areas of the planet and I hope you can plan for some stability for yourself and family while we're in this position.

Once again bosnian, thankyou for the post and Good Luck.

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Old 06-26-2009, 02:21 PM
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Thank you Wandered, you seem like a very nice person and full of knowledge that is why you are super moderator off course.
We are, my husband and I, full of bitterness with what is going on with our application and all other people who are in the same situation as we one. I agree with you fully when saying that it is unfair to cut off, just like that people who's application is in the final stage of processing. One should know that it is hard to decide to leave your home country for the sake of making a better living for your children.
We have applied for SS yesterday. It seems like we were reading your mind on this. We would have done it sooner but our case office kept on asking for the additional document, in March and May 2009, without telling us that our visa is beyond being a priority. And only after us being persistent and emailing him for additional information he sent us the letter you saw. Now we have to wait for SS decision. By that time all our papers will expire, IELTS, medicals, character, etc.
One more question that I have is, what do you know about Capital Investment Scheme? And where does it stand in terms of priority? And do you know if we could switch to that from our current visa application (family sponsored 136).
Thank you a million for you open handed comments, recommendations and assistance.

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Old 06-28-2009, 02:24 PM
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Hi again bosnian and the only visa that I'me aware of that involves Capital Investment would be the Business visas where there is the category for people from a business background who wish to come to Australia for involvement in approved existing businesses or opening up a new one.
. Visa Options - Business - Visas & Immigration is the section on immi site and you'll find details there in regard to eligibility which includes ammount of capital.

You'll see that there is a provisional visa with review after two years to move to a PR visa on positive outcome of the review - there being business targets etc. to be met.

Since it is an entirely different streme from skilled/sponsored visas, I doubt that you could get a transfer to one of those from your existing visa but if you do meet eligibility, I'd think you also would not be subject to the prioritisation as for the GSM stream of visas.

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capital investment was an option under the 136 and 138 visas but now there are problems with it now. No it does not offer any priority - if anything it slows down the application.

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