Moving from UK - Defacto Questions

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Moving from UK - Defacto Questions

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Moving from UK - Defacto Questions

Hi All,

Have been loitering a while and thought it was time to post!

Come November I will have been with and lived with my partner for a year. He is from Australia and we are hoping to move out there together next July.
We first lived together in September of last year (he moved into my house share which is also how we met), so we dont have a shortage of bills etc to prove we have lived together. Were also going to open a joint bank account this wknd, have lots of photos of us together etc.

Just got a couple of questions on how the whole process works. I have printed out the application and want to get up to speed on everything before we start filling it in - I have heard the main reason peoples applications get rejected is because they have not got all the correct info together.

How does it work when you lodge your request? Ive seen mentions of a case worker - do you have someone to guide you through what information they require, or do you just bunch everything together and post it off?

How do they arrange medicals, interviews, police checks etc?

What are the chances of your application being rejected, and what can we do to prevent this?

Sorry for all the questions, if anyone could help answer - or point me in the direction of any links that would help with this I would really appreciate it.
Just getting nervous about spending that amount of money and the application being rejected as Im not sure where we would go from there.



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Hi there,

First, i would recommend you read the booklet 1 (downlaod it from the immi website) as it was a huge help to me when i was putting my application together.

You need to get all of your evidence together and post it off--then a case officer gets assigned, then they review your case. There is no one specific to guide you inititally, besides the immigration people you can reach over the phone.

You have to arrange for your own medical and do your own police certificates--check on the immi website to see where the nearest panel doctor is in relation to where you are...sometimes they are far--i have to go up to canada to do mine (im in the states at the moment)!

Police checks are required for any country you have lived in for a total of 12 months in the last ten years. Remember, it doesnt have to be 12 consecutive months, but 12 months total--so if you spent 6 months in another country 5 years ago, but then spent another 6 months there last year, you still need a police check. All police checks have different procedures attached to them, so check with the departments website to see what you have to do--a lot of them require you to have fingerprints done.

You have to provide a lot of evidence and certified copies of stuff with your application (you can normally certify thing by going to a doctor, pharmacist, or police officer, or in some countries, like america, you have to get a notary public to certify documents, again this is different from country to country).

You have to write a statutory declaration, you and your BF, detailaing the history of the relationship.

You have to provide financial evidence--eg: bills, joint accounts, lease agreements
Evidence on the nature of the household-- what were your living arrangements etc
Social evidence--that is where you have stat decs from australians who confirm your relationship is real, you can provide cards, pictures, evidence of joint travel etc...
then you have to show evidence on the nature of your commitment to each other, for example, (what my bf and i did) phone records and screen-shots of e-mail inboxes showing how we stayed in touch when we were apart.

Yep, its a whole big mess of paperwork and sometimes complicated processes, so read the booklet 1 thingie to help you out--here it is:

If you provide all the evidence they need, there shouldnt be a problem and you shouldn't get rejected. The case officer will give you a chance to explain and or provide more evidence before they make a final decision if there is something missing or something they dont understand.

Just do your research and you should be fine =)

By the way--the longest part for me was getting friends to write stat decs to support our relationship. Find out what you need to do with that and who you are going to ask ASAP and start doing that would be my advice.

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In addittion to what elkitten says re reading the booklet, I would first also print yourself off the checklist in the 'applying for visa' section on the immi site.

If you use that and look at the various info links [sometimes one link after another and even after another - in the case of contact details for character checks for instance] things do get relatively clearly explained.

I can appreciate how there may seem on first looking to be a whole heap of info required and even reading the booklet does not help in that sense but once you have gone through it and the application form, just use the Checklist to do address one thing at a time as far as knowing what you need to accumulate - write down your own list of 'To do items' referenced to the Checklist items.

Some of them you can get underway simultaneously and as you have each step done, just tick off your list and eventually the Checklist.

Some people may think there is so much information a folder is necessary and whilst a good idea to help keep all the documents together and to go and get copies certified and to eventually have a copy of everything for yourself and additional support info.

There used to be a reference specifically asking people people not to submit applications in a folder but I cannot see that for the moment, but it does say just attach the Checklist to your Application.


and . Spouse Visa: Offshore Temporary and Permanent (Subclasses 309 and 100)

Two of the more important sections that to me give a very clear definition of requirements.

And re the booklet, it's first cab of the rank @
Spouse Visa: Offshore Temporary and Permanent (Subclasses 309 and 100)

And of course elkitten should rate herself highly as a guide along with any other good guidance you can get from looking at past/current application threads.

But checklist and step by step will get you there.

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Hey, thanks wanderer =)

I forgot about the checklist...dont think i put it in my application either...whoops!!!

But yes the checklist is great to use, i just forgot about it because by the end i had so much friggin paper/lists its all a blur.

Like wanderer said though, a lot of your proof may overlap so it might end up not being all that much.

BTW--wanderer, on the U.S Australia embassy site, they state many times over NOT to send folders or anything like that. I used a ziploc bag to contain small items and photo's, but besides that, there was hardly a staple =) I guess it depends on the country.

Mind you Daisy, my application was MASSIVE but was perhaps more complex than what your will be as I had no "neat" proof like you have in bills, etc, so i needed LOTS of extra stuff you won't need (eg i had to provide itemized bank statements for 1.5 years, for three cards to prove our living together and financial situation, and if that wasnt enough, a statement to explain address problems, but I digress...)

I put up a list of the evidence i was providing a week or two before i sent my application on this site to bounce off ideas as to what could be missing. Feel free to do that.

If you have lived in several countries over the past ten years for more than 12 months, i would also recommened being really on the ball with that stuff as it can take a while in some countries to receive the check, and most countries require you to pay in their local currency--not an easy feat in some cases.

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Thanks for all the info and links guys - very much appreciated! Ill keep you updated on how we get on : )

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