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amccarron 09-26-2013 03:56 AM


Originally Posted by bjch (Post 183409)
If that IS the case, I have to say it would be even more infuriating to see applications that have only been submitted mere weeks ago get approved, when 8+ month cases are still waiting. If they are going to cap visas, they simply MUST process in order.

Most definitely and i am hoping that it is not true but it seems like a very credible source, looking at the process from both sides.

bjch 09-26-2013 03:59 AM

The one thing I'm not sure about is why they wouldn't just admit to it. What is the point of keeping it secret and then have a whole lotta people complain every time they hit 5+ months?

amccarron 09-26-2013 04:06 AM

He explained it like speeding tickets. We all know there are quotas but they don't admit it. I understand that totally, My wife is currently a police officer in America and they have them and call them quotas and the officers are accountable for hitting them. However the department denies it publicly.

bjch 09-26-2013 04:08 AM

Well, I'm going to reach my quota soon too and then it won't be pretty :) :)

aususa 09-26-2013 04:09 AM

Our 309 application
5 Apr, applied
1 May, FBI and medicals submitted, emailed and confirmed receipt
Case officer identified as Ms. M
Married over 12 years with children

MrandMrs 09-26-2013 04:15 AM

Welcome to the forum

I hope your stay here is short and you get an answer on your application quickly

MrandMrs 09-26-2013 04:18 AM

Amccarron one big word that you used in your description about the tickets...

Its a word that business on whole neglects and a word that holds no meaning anymore with liability and personal indemity on such a huge scale...

ACCOUNTABILITY.....there is none....or there wouldn't be a queue of people waiting.

CollegeGirl 09-26-2013 04:49 AM


Originally Posted by amccarron (Post 183385)
I was talking to an immigration agent in Brisbane today who was also previously an Immigration Officer and he told me some disturbing news. Although the website and official word is that there is no capping or quotas on partner visas in fact there are internal quotas on both approvals and refusals. He said that they are set not only by the department but also each embassy's managers. Could be why things have slowed right down at the moment as they have reached a certain number. Also why we can see applications changing CO's. Maybe that particular CO has reached a certain number.

I certainly hope that this is not the case but certainly sounds like the Australian Government at play.

On a good note he said that the election would not have stopped processing and processing times.

While I fully believe that (it wouldn't surprise me) I don't think that's what's going here *yet* with these delays. If it were, say, May right now insted of October, I'd agree it was likely. The embassies, for purposes of the PMV quotas, work on a *financial* year (July to June). If there are hidden quotas on the 309 as well (not addressing 820s here as onshore is a whole different animal), they're most likely to be based on the financial year as well - and we're only two months into the new fiscal year.

Of course, they could also have monthly or quarterly quotas. I doubt it's monthly, as we have not seen a pattern of approvals like you'd expect to see emerge if that were the case (e.g., a slew of approvals just after the first of the month, or just after the 15th of the month, etc.)

I suppose it's possible they're quarterly - but then we'd see a lot of people waiting 8 months if they were unlucky enough to apply so that their five-month mark was right after the start of a new quarter - and we haven't seen that, either.

amccarron 09-26-2013 01:49 PM

Here is a post in another thread where they say their CO told them they had quotas.

This was from a UK CO i believe but it would be a similar story elsewhere i would suspect after hearing what i did today.

bjch 09-26-2013 02:13 PM

I don't doubt it's possible but it is curious that we could be "waiting on a space to become available" when no one has been approved, really, since May.

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