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sazzlewilson 10-05-2009 04:47 AM

De-facto Visa - Advice Please
Hi everyone, I've been reading through the threads, and have found some really helpful information already, but thought I'd explain our situation, and see if any of you have a bit more advice?!

So, I'm from England, and Karl is Australian, we are in Australia now. We've been together since July last year, and have been in a de-facto relationship since September last year.

As I am on a working holiday visa, and only had 5 months left when we got together, I had to go do seasonal work in order to get a 2nd visa, (I went to pick fruit for 3 months, surely that is a pretty big commitment to our relationship!? haha so we had 3 months when we weren't living together, however have HUUUUGE phone bills to prove we kept in constant contact, and also flight details to show we saw eachother every 4 weeks anyway.

However, since December last year, when we were re-united, we have been travelling around Australia, and therefore don't have any utility bills or anything in both our names. We bought a car together, so will get bank statements to show the large payment (we didn't even think about this before, and registered it in Karl's name). I will get stat decs from various friends and family who can state that we are together and have been travelling. We've had a joint bank account since April which we make regular deposits to, for a house. What other evidence do you think I should provide?

I haven't actually put in my application yet as thought it would be best to get all of the evidence first, or would you suggest to put it in, and then they will tell me what else I need? I'm currently waiting to get finger prints done for an Egyptian police check, i was there for about a year in total.
Is it correct that you need a police check for any country you have lived in for more than 12 months total since you were 18?

I think that's all my questions for the moment, if you've got any advice or help we would really appreciate it!
Like many others, I hate not knowing what the department are going to say, Karl keeps telling me not to worry, but I can't help it!:)
Thanks everyone,


eford33 10-05-2009 06:24 AM

Hey there,

Im sorta in the same situation. My bf and i have been together for 3 years and pretty much defacto the whole time as well. However we never got anything in both our names, so we are having some problems with our visa app. Our CO wants to see proof we have entrusted our finances with eachother. Which we didnt really do. As someone on here told me me "Life happens with or without the fancy paperwork"

By the sounds of it I think you will be ok. You have a joint account and are making purchases through it regularly and have call history and plane tickets. Get as much proof together as you can before you send in your app. The more stuff you send in right away the quicker your visa will be processed. If they have to keep asking you for things it will only delay the process. As for what kind of evidence to send in, we sent lots of pics from years ago, mail that was addressed to both of us, invitations, etc. Even stuff that doesnt have both names on it but it went to the same address at the same time. Rental receipts and lots of stat decs, they only ask for 2 but I did 3. im not sure if it matters.

So im not sure if this helps but just make sure you can really prove your relationship is genuine. Also make sure you can prove both of you shared costs for groceries, rent, bills, gas, car...etc. They really look into the defacto relationships to make sure you are truely commited.

Oh and yes police checks when you have lived somewhere for a year.

Good luck, Keep us updated. :)

sazzlewilson 10-05-2009 06:54 AM

Thanks for your reply! I'm sure we'll be fine, and have just been printing off my bank statements, as I don't receive hard copies, and have been highlighting all of our shared costs (there's a lot of highlighter being used!), so will keep gathering evidence, and am sure we'll get there eventually
Thanks again for your help, and I will keep you posted.

elkitten 10-07-2009 04:39 AM

Hi there

I also applied for a defacto despite not having much of the fancy paperwork (if you read any of my other posts, you know my story, its complicated, teehee).

I ran out of highlighter when i was going through all of mine and my BF's statements..takes ages and they INSIST on teeny print...anyways...

Just keep doing what you're doing--you'll be amazed at all the stuff that comes up on your statements, stuff you hadn't even thought of. Did he ever send you a gift or somethng while you were fruit picking? chances are, that will come up on his bill.... plus if you have the card or letter that came with it... all good things to include.

At the end of the day, if you don't have the tidy evidence, you don't have it--make the best out of what you have. I think people in our case also benefit a lot from having more than 2 stat decs (his family and yours are a big bonus and add friends) to go with the application. This was one of the harder parts for me, as people get lazy and dont fill out their form, or dont know what to write, etc--coach your would be stat dec people, and ask them to get onto it now so it will give them time to write it.

By the way--you need police checks for every country that you have lived in for a TOTAL of 12 months or more in the past 10 years. So, if say, for example, 5 years ago you spent 6 months in London and then did another 6 months in london a year ago, you would have to get a police cert for the U.K. These can be complicated to get, depending on the country, so i would recommend being really on the ball with that stuff too.

Hope it all works out for you, keep us posted!

sazzlewilson 10-07-2009 06:03 AM

Hi Elkitten,

Thanks for the reply! I was also surprised how much stuff popped up on my bank statements of purchases for the both of us, and I haven't even gone through Karl's yet.

I've asked a couple of friends to write stat dec's and will get family to do them too (they will be quicker to respond!), but was wondering, what should I get them to write? Should I get them to explain our situation as well, about us travelling, or focus, on how they know us, and about our relationship?

Am already in the process of getting police checks - bit of a pain as here in WA you have to go to Fed Police to get finger prints done, not just the local cop shop, so am waiting for that appointment before I can send off the one for Egypt. I'll get there eventually!

Thanks again to everyone for your comments, it's really helped to make me more confident that it will all be fine, I will just be so happy and relieved when it is granted (fingers crossed!).

Wanderer 10-07-2009 06:36 AM

Hi Sazzle,
Thought I'd let the girls doing it get into your head first as they do pretty well now, and I'll just add that you ought to
. print off the Check List if you haven't already and use it as a work in progress list along with a copy of the application form to keep you on track and then have separate copies, a final Checklist to add to your application stuff.
. Check the Booklet - , P25 will tell you what stat decls. etc you should have, and just a bit more than the minimum without going overboard - the more stuff you provide, it'll just take longer to go through - think of yourself at a desk and you get all this guff that is not really asked for and you might get a bit p*ssed off!

Ans you certainly do not need to overload them with photographs.

. And that said, in situations that can be a little unusual as elkitten and eford have indicated theirs are, then as well as highlighting the bank and telephone statements etc., try and make up like a bit of a timeline index page that just shows the key dates, met, started living together, now travelling etc.
And I'd just kind of put your WHV working absence in there as more just a comment so you're not actually fibbing but not to overemphasis it if you know what I mean.

As to what goes into the stat. decl. and other statements of knowledge, you can just outline some key dates to people if they do not remember but best then just to have them tell what they know of you as a couple, as you put it

what should I get them to write? Should I get them to explain our situation as well, about us travelling, or focus, on how they know us, and about our relationship?
it sounds fine.

Good luck with it.

elkitten 10-07-2009 06:16 PM

Ah jeez--sucks about you having to go federal to get fingerprints! Mind you here its not better at the moment: when i got my first two sets of prints, I just called up the cop shop and they are like yeah no problem, come in whenever. I founf out i needed a third set, so i called up almost three weeks ago and this time i have been put on some list where they will call me "when they are free." I tried to tell them what's riding on this and they just don't care! I'm so annoyed and I don't like pestering the police, but i dont have a choice.... its the LAST thing i have to do and send in.

Completly agree with you Wanderer--you want to go the extra mile, but make sure the stuff is meaningful. I tried to treat my application a bit like a uni assignment and i tried to "remember my audience" (ha!) as much as possible. For example, on phone records, i included a key at the begining of each one stating what numbers were what. Next to highlights on bank statements, i wrote one or two words to describe the purchase. On photocopies of letters I stated at the top what it was, and explained who the person was briefly (my BF's sister, mother, and grandmother had written to me but all used nicknames so i gave their full name and told them to refer to the stat decs to understand more their relationship to me).

I also wrote a statement for each section of the application, simply because I had TONS to explain (I had address problems and you can imagine that it gets pretty complicated to explain why things happened as they did when I was traveling around so much). Put yourself in the CO's shoes and as yourself--what looks weird or looks dodgy? anything I know that they won't know from looking at this paper? If there is enough, do write a little statement to explain--you would probably benefit from writing one to explain your financial situation with your BF since you, like me, dont have tidy evidence.

As for stat decs, the approach we took was to get people to talk about our sitation briefly, talk about how much of a loving couple we are, and to talk about specific events that the two of you as a couple did with them. For example, we got one of our friends who we spent many christmas parties together with to talk about that....

I only gave them 5 pictures i think... especially ones with each others families.

phew... holy i was on a roll there! hope all of this helps. Remember to call the immi hotline if you want any extra advice.

Keep going hun you're doing great!

sazzlewilson 10-08-2009 07:59 AM

hey, thanks for all the advice guys!!

I was just wondering, my parents haven't actually met Karl, because they are in England, and we haven't been able to afford a trip home yet (we're going in january - hooray!), and they couldn't come over here. Do you think they can write a stat dec anyway? They obviously know all about our relationship and have spoken to Karl etc. just not physically met him!

So should I write on the actual bank statements what the purchases are for? Most are groceries, so a bit obvious e.g woolworths, but obviously some will need explanation.

I think that's all from me for now, almost time to finish work and go home and start highlighting again! hehe

Wanderer 10-08-2009 03:23 PM

I wouldn't go over writing on the statements and as you say the obviousones are obvious and if it's not too late and you had used a specific colour for all general living expenses that would have been best and then you just have a key sheet - showing General Expenses written in same colour.

Your parents in England can do a statement I suppose but a bit ticklish they haven't met him, and even if done as a statutory declaration there it'll not count as one here.

sazzlewilson 10-28-2009 08:03 AM

Hi's been a while, and i've been working away at my application, getting together the final bits and pieces. I've just written a statement to explain our financial situation, with sharing expenses etc. Is this ok just printed out or does it need to be hand written or on a stat dec form? I will sign it anyway.
Also, as karl (my partner) is also going to be my sponsor, it says to provide evidence of employment, in the form of Australian income and/or overseas tax assessment notices. What does this mean? :confused:We've got the summary from the accountants from karl's tax returns, will this be alright?
Also, there was a short time, of 2 weeks, when Karl was on centrelink, is this going to jeopordise the visa do you think? I hope not, as it was only a short time, and that's the only time he's been on it.
Only a few weeks now until I can get my fingerprints done, and plan to hand in my application once that's done, and hope the police check will come through quickly.
Thanks for your help and advice in advance!

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