Tourist 676 / attend interviews??

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Tourist 676 / attend interviews??

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Old 10-12-2009, 01:54 AM
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Tourist 676 / attend interviews??

Hi there,
I am here on a Tourist Visa with my partner who has a 1 year Working / Tourist visa.
A recruitment agent mentioned to him that technically I am entitled to attend interviews on my Tourist visa (but obviously not eligible to work without company sponsorship).
can anyone tell me if this is true. I am clear that I cannot work unless I'm eligible but could I do some job propspecting?
I would really appreciate your help and sorry if this question has been asked and answered already!

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Old 10-12-2009, 04:04 AM
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Welcome to the forum NewbieG and when you look at the Overview of tourist visas on Department of Immigration & Citizenship you'll see
For people to visit Australia for a holiday, sightseeing, social or recreational reasons, to visit relatives, friends or for other short-term non-work purposes.
and I have highlighted the last few words.

Whilst an agent may have said that technically you can attend interviews and your intent stated is clear enough, ie.
I am clear that I cannot work unless I'm eligible but could I do some job propspecting?
it is how you go about it and whether someone miscontrues your intent, how much it may get up someones nose if they were not pre-advised that could set of a chain of events you would not want eg.
. you apply for a job for instance to test your value in the market.
. and even if you were not made an offer, you reveal at the end that you are on a tourist visa.
. person doing the interview is rightly annoyed in not having been advised.
[see note below re employer sponsorship information]
. person/company decides to ring immigration.
. and it could happen from anywhere between nothing heard to you are in an intense interview with immigration officers and not at a place of your choosing.
. if the situation was to be decided badly upon, you could find yourself under detention awaiting deportation.

So you need to approach it with a plan to prevent that happening and I would suggest something like as follows.
. whether or not you have identified an organisation advertising jobs, you:
. send in a letter/email or phone making it clear you are not seeking a specific job but expressing your interest in the industry/organisation [and if you were to be considered a valuable prospect, you are eligible to apply for an employer sponsored visa] and you have some information on employer sponsorship.
[it could mean that you will get less interviews but if well worded it may even generate some - the organisation may not have considered the possibility of an employer sponsored visa]

It would be a good idea to have made yourself aware of some of the information that is available on the immigration web site re employer sponsorship - perhaps a full copy you print off here in Australia or download on to a disc so as an employer can quickly look at it on a screen.

And then I would have printed off some of the sections re employer eligibility requirements [ have a few copies at any one time so you can give one to an interested employer. ]

And that'll do a number of things:. has employer thinkinking.
. portrays you as being knowlegeable
. keeps you stuck in their mind and perhaps as a person of interest for other jobs.

And possibly more importantly, it'll give you the evidence to support that you were not looking for work to do without an appropriate visa.

If you were deciding to be a bit naughty and not disclose your visa position on first contact and it came up in an interview, after taking the brunt of any annoyance, I'd suggest you get in very quick with an apology followed in same breath with a well practised line to explain to them your intent whilst getting out your disc and supportive info.

That may nip the phone call in the bud but someone may also have the suspicion: " wonder what the outcome may have been if we offered a job without that having been disclosed ".

You will likely find the job market very tight at the moment and employers could get applications numbering in hundreds, so do not think it is just you re job application and employer disinterest.

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Old 10-12-2009, 06:31 AM
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Thanks so much Wanderer,

As I say I am not actively a job seeker and I know that I cannot work on my current visa. I would like to explore my value in the market though and would not hide the fact that a company would need to sponsor me. I think from what you say it's a really good idea to add a 'sponsorship info' paragraph to any correspondence I might have with a company?

Lucky for me I don't 'have' to work while we're here as we have savings and my partner will be working soon. I would like to do some volunteer work though to keep the brain ticking over and help out. Any interesting link would be very welcome!

Thanks again,

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Old 10-12-2009, 10:52 AM
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You seem smart enough NewbieG not to be getting yourself into trouble and I only outlined an approach because troble can come even if you do things with the right intent.

As to volunteering, I haven't done a lot of looking into that over the years but if you do a google on "Australian Volunteers" you'll probably come up with an organisation called "Volunteers Australia" from what I recall and they are at one end of the spectrum in that they organise volunteer type trips to different places, usually associated with environment tasks and because they arrange accommodation etc., there'll be a fee, sometimes quite hefty.

The National Parks people often have volunteer programs but seeing they're mainly scattered about the countryside, it'll depend on where your partner get works and whether you're happy to go off on your own for a couple of weeks here and there what you will find in way of volunteer work.
National Parks are state managed and if you just google up National Parks followed by state, you'll find their web sites with quite a bit of info.

The environmental stuff, be it NPs or not is going to be of manual orientated tasks and so whilst not always highly brain ticking, you'll be able to get some good environmental insights and it'll usually be based on you providing your own accommodation though they could assist and possibly no fees involved.

Around the cities and towns you have your usual community volunteer groups covering a fairly diverse range, a lot of it assisting the elderly or incapacited, but also other stuff, eg.
Red Cross Blood Banks or Shops, Community Centre Shops, Visitor Information Centres and even some small Museums possibly.
Various Wildlife Parks and Zoos have volunteers.
There's stuff like Meals on Wheels, Homeless Food Kitchens, visiting the elderly and if you go along to local council officers they'll have a listing of all those kind of things.

For more brain ticking volunteering, perhaps something like remedial reading and numeracy help could be done but for anything that involves working with children you could well run into the requirements for having a police clearance for anything that involves working with children.
There're probably more things that you can hold your hand up for if you delve into the scene and what I have listed is just off the top of my head and another is that the Australian Tax Office may have on its site reference to assisting the elderly with taxation returns if that's an area of interest.

You are of course entitled to do some study while on a tourist visa and though for courses at colleges etc. there will be international student very high fees, there are a lot of community based courses that are run and you may find something of interest, Visitor Information Centres being a good place to start for they are manned by volunteers who'll have knowledge of what is happening here and there.

At the other end of the spectrum of paying a fee to go and volunteer are WWOOF Australia and and they could suit you alone or your partner and you together, some interesting opportunities and you do 20-25 hours work for accommodation and meals for the week so not too bad.
Depending on occupation of your Partner, you might even find somewhere where he could work locally and you might be able to do a few more hours to cover accommodation for you both.
It's all open to negotiation.

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Thanks so much! There's lots to go on here. You have been a great help.
All the best!

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