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ozlemben 11-18-2018 05:42 PM

Extending P.R. via Investment
Hi There,

I need your wisdom & judgement for a subject.

My hubby and I are both Permanent Residents. We've lived in Australia for around five years (on different visas but my hubby was mostly on P.R., but duration was not continuous and was split into two terms).
For a few years now, we have shifted to the expat life in the Middle East (Gulf) considering the offer as better for my hubby's career.

Now I am on partner Visa (801) which will expire on February 2020 and my hubby has already switched to Resident Return (155) which will expire on April 2021.
Kids are Australian Citizens.

Our option #1 is returning to Australia before the expiry dates, for sure. However, even in that case we are concerned that our travel rights might be limited for a few years, until the new Resident Return visas can be secured. Therefore, in case of a family emergency etc. this waiting period might end up bad.
So, digging deeper for further alternatives, we might also consider investment opportunities that might help us extending our P.R. before returning to Australia.
How would you reckon our chance on the above scenario, for instance, to invest on property (will go for mortgage or shares etc. then, as we cannot afford else with our current savings)?
What would be pros and cons, from your perspective?
Any suggestions? Specific points to be highlighted? Anybody who experienced similar?

Thanks for your time.

zol 11-18-2018 09:32 PM

the investment will help with the RRV but if you continue to live overseas, it will be difficult to prove close ties and intention to return. Not to mention ofcourse the processing time will continue to be lengthy as you would not meet the 2/5 criteria

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