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Junpark97 09-09-2019 11:37 PM

820 Granted! Now onto 801!
Hello all! haven't been on here much lately but I thought I'd make a new thread to share some information and also to gather some more tips and advice for the 801 application!. So on 2/9/19, my 820 partner visa was granted finally! It took a while but in the end, we pulled through. I got the email in the early morning out of the blue with no further contacts or calls or anything. It was just sitting in my inbox with the grant letter!

From here on, I guess we'd have to start gathering more evidence to prove that our relationship is still ongoing and genuine. If you guys could give me your suggestions or tips on what we have so far for our 801 or any questions let me know!

Evidence so far:

- Cover letter about our application
- New Police Check
- Stat Decs from my partner and I again explaining and going through all aspects of our relationship and providing an "update" on how our relationship has been since the grant of 820. Also explaining that our relationship is still continuing and genuine.

- Joint everyday account (proof of account) active since 29/4/17
- Highlighted (annotated) joint everyday account statements since the grant of 820
- Joint Holiday/Emergency savings account (proof of account) active since 19/3/18
- Joint car Rego renewal notices
- Joint mobile phone bills since the 820 grant
- Joint health insurance policy, membership cards and payment records since grant of 820
- Joint car insurance policy certificate with records of payment since grant of 820
- Joint internet account screenshot and all the payment receipts since 820 grant

- Joint Lease agreement & Bond Lodgement
- All the rent payment receipts (under both our names) since 820 grant
- Our driver's licenses showing our address
- Collection of mails sent to us together & individually
- New photos of our house/room
- Joint Flybuys cards and account

- Facebook length of relationship screen shot
- Binding super beneficiary document from both of us
- Joint asset (car)
- 2 Form 888 (this can go in any other aspects I guess)
- Next of kin details from doctors etc
- ATO contact authorisation from both of us

- New collection of photos since the 820 grant
- Joint theme park membership (gold coast)
- Our Thredbo membership cards
- Any travel tickets we may have
- Facebook posts about us and us interacting with our family and friends since the 820 grant (screen shots)
- Mutual friends screenshot again even though we uploaded these in the 820 application
- Any booking confirmations we may have for trips and holidays

So yeah this is what we have planned and organised so far and we would love to add more things from here onwards! So if you lovely people have suggestions on more things we could add or even just feedback on how the evidence list looks as of now that would be great! once again if you guys have any questions let me know
:) :)

Frogger2504 09-10-2019 03:28 AM

I had a question about your lease situation, as that's where I'm stressing. Were you both on the lease for the full year before you applied for the 820? Or did you add your partner afterwards? My partner has been living with me for over a year but she wasn't on the lease, and we're stressing out that they might not accept that she lives with me and acknowledge our de facto status.

M&A 09-12-2019 06:27 AM

Do you have any documentation that your spouse is staying there? For example: when my husband rented his most recent place, we bluntly told them our info and said I could not be on the lease, but I am an approved secondary tenant, which we can show immigration. If you do not have this, consider asking if the landlord/agency will do it for you, and perhaps attach a letter as to when they know it took effect (ie, retroactive but legal).

Edited to add: this is just a thought, as you would receive legal documentation, however, I am not in the same situation as you are.

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