Defacto Visa requirements

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Defacto Visa requirements

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Old 10-29-2009, 08:06 PM
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Defacto Visa requirements

My boyfriend is currently applied for his australian citizenship. We are going off of the basis that he is going to be granted citizenship with no problem. I myself am going to apply for the Defacto visa, but we are worried that we may not have substantial evidence that we are in a committed relationship.

We have been living together for over a year, it is my boyfriend, his brother, his mother and I living under one roof. We do not have any bills under both of our names, and most of the grocery shopping is done by his mom with his brother's credit card. Most of the bills are paid by my boyfriend. We have separate bank accounts. We are freely share our money with each other but are unsure of how to prove it.
We were wondering if we were to get a joint bank account now would that be substantial financial evidence?

We have been reading other posts and saw that people were getting status declarations as evidence when they do not have completely shared finances. If we were to get one from both of our families as well as some of our friends would that be enough?

Is there other ways that we can show we are committed without financial evidence?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!!!

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Old 10-30-2009, 12:45 PM
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Welcome to the forum SB,
And I'd have to say that compared to some of the other threads you've read, whilst it would seem that you have been cohabitating [all be it with others] you do not really have much hard evidence in the way of bills, the joint bank account etc.

I'm not in the business of suggesting to people how they would go with an assessment and you can only read closely what DIAC are after, there being reasonably descriptive info in their Booklet #1, a link on the web site partner visa you'll find.

In a case like yours, if I was in your shoes I'd make up a document covering the dates you've been together and the living arrangements so as to explain minimal documentation, all the statutory declarations you could provide, scan your separate bank accounts real close to identify any joint type expenses that either of you have paid, or paid by one for the other etc.

Once you have got as much together as you can, I'd contact DIAC to see if you can get a preliminary interview to discuss the situation with them before an application to risk your application fee without any contact.
Whoever you get to see will likely be noncommittal and refer you to the Booklet etc. and it will really be a case of trying to glean what you can from the tone and attitude of the person as to any confidence you may feel.

Meanwhile, it'll certainly not hurt to get a joint account going ASAP though your living conditions do demonstrate why there'll be no shared bills and a real need for a joint account, it ironically a modern living approach that many couples do keep separate accounts, [one topic you can bring up with a DIAC person at interview, the more you can probe them with examples, the better a feel you may get].
I would also ask the person doing the interview whether you can document the interview as part of your application with a reference to their name.

All that will just help to show your sincerity if you decide it'll be worth going ahead with what you have.

Even though it'll be a preliminary interview, you both should go too.
And btw, your Bf only needs to be a PR, not necessary to be a citizen to sponsor.

But read all the Department of Immigration & Citizenship visa section including all links and the Booklet and then read it all again and it'll help you with relevant questions.

Good Luck.

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Old 10-30-2009, 06:09 PM
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Hey there!

What wanderer said is right. You gotta do the best with what you have and explain your situationin a statement. If the mother and brother can back you up in their own statements thats great too.

Myself and a few others on this board (who have gotten their visas and i hopefully am about to get mine) used bank statements from the whole year they were together to show joint purchases. Have a look at yours and your boyfriends--you never know what might have popped up. Highlight relevant purchases and put a one or two word description next to it if neccessary (christmas gift, holiday rental, petrol.....).

If your BF pays for most of the bills--great! provide one of two copies of the actual bill (to show that, indeed, its neither of your names on it, but, the CO could match the bill number and amount to the bank statement) and highlight that on the statement. It does show support that he pays for you to have light etc =)

Moreover, i think that the fact that his mom and brother help to support both of you (by paying for groceries etc) does legitimize the relationshi (why would his mother pay for some random girl to eat for a year, get my drift??)

Just explain your situation as best you can and get together anything you have. Then do the preliminary interview to see how you go...

Good luck!

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Old 11-01-2009, 05:11 PM
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Hi there SB!

I was in a similar situation as well. I can't tell you what to do so i will just tell you my story.

My bf and i have been together for 3 years, living together the whole time. Never had anything joint. Only 1 bill from aus. we travel around alot and havent been in a solid place for a full year. We opened a joint account in July and applied for my visa in August. Our Co said that wasn't enough. She wanted to see joint accounts starting 12 months prior to the application. She understood we were very commited but we didnt have the financial evidence to prove we were in a marriage like union. So we had to send in a bunch of documents, however we didnt have any. Just when I was about to give up i got some great advice from Elkitten. She told me to gather all our bank statements from the past year and highlight all our living expenses. So we spent days getting that all together. We also sent in a stat dec from my mom explaining we were living with her and she paid for mostly everything. We also sent in job offers from our previous employer (fishing resort) showing the cost of rent was in included so we didnt have to pay. Then we got a letter from a guy we rented from saying we lived there for the amount of time. So we sent everything back in and a few weeks later my visa was granted.
The fact you are applying for a defacto visa joint financial assets is important, but not necessarily the deciding factor. If you dont have anything joint just try and highlight as much as you can. Definatly get stat dec's from his mom and brother, get as many as you can in your case. Explain who has been supporting who. A timeline like wanderer said is also a great idea.

Another thing I will mention, when we got the letter back saying we needed to send in all the stuff we didnt have. Our CO told us if we wanted to change our visa application to a spouse or perspective marriage visa we could do that and wouldn't need anything else. Basically if we got married we wouldnt have needed all the evidence. We both disagreed with that and told her in letters numerous times we weren't getting married for a visa. We stood up to what we beleived in and in the end came out with a visa. Just be patient and send in alot of stuff to prove your case.

Good Luck

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Old 11-01-2009, 07:10 PM
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Well said efford =)

My bf and i had huge concerns about the financial stuff--since i was a student until recently, i was (luckily) supported by my parents. I explained this in a dec about our financial proof (which you may not have to do, i did because of address problems on my bank statements as well as date problems) and in the interview when asked about finance. It is unrealistic for anyone to think that I would have a joint account with my BF while my money was coming from my parents. BUT as efford said and as you can show through declarations and bank statements, we had a hefty paper trail to support our being together besides having no joint account, no joint bills, and no joint lease.

So the mom and brother pay most of living costs--ok get them to stat dec that. Have you and your BF ever gone away for the weeekend? tjhat will be on your bank statements...even if you just bought some soda and a pack of gum at a petrol station and he bought some mcdonalds with his card later that day, heck, it still counts as holiday expenditures/joint spending. Also, the fact that neither of you (you and your BF) will have regular grocery purchases on your bank statements also helps to prove what you are saying.

You can do it! =) Just CSI your bank statements and you'll find stuff, i promise!

Keep us posted and best of luck!!!!

(btw: i havent posted about it yet but i the bank statement method seems to have worked for me as well as efford. Maybe it wont always work, but i think for most people with different financial situations, its a start =) )

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Old 01-03-2010, 10:44 AM
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Hey there everyone.

eford I am so in the same boat you were. It is quite nice to read all these stories; it gives a little bit of hope :]

This is my current situation:

I started seeing my girlfriend in october 2006. We moved in together after about 2 weeks because we just knew we'd be together for a while. We have managed to send evidence for Oct 2006 - Dec 2008; Basically Jan 2009-April 2009 we went on an extended holiday to Brisbane (so I could meet the in-laws and my girlfriends friends and just generally see where she grew up). I say extended holiday; previous to this we'd worked as live in carers for a lady with cerebral palsy. So we worked 7 days a week 24/7 (not much couple time!) so it was a well deserved break.

We have had a joint savings account here for two years; but in oz we just re-opened my partners suncorp account (my name not on it) although it does show a large amount of cash in our joint uk savings leading up to us going away. We stayed with the in-laws so all i have been able to get is a certified stat dec from her dad and an ebay reciept, a flight itenery of when my mum came over and stayed; a cert dec from my mum. I didn't drive over there also so i didn't other going on the van insurance.

I've been asked to send more evidence. So i've just sent off for the joint bank acc statments from dec-april and i've got our bank statements from suncorp jan-april. I guess i'm gonna have to sit there with a highlighter for ages. I've got another letter from my dad in law, one from my brother in law. two paypal reciepts with things sending to my in laws address with my name on. I was planning on adding more photos also of me with my in-laws at there house.

God its so frustrating. Espec when we are a genuine couple...but our freakin' holiday is causing uproar!

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