Medical & Police Clearance for 309

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Medical & Police Clearance for 309

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Old 11-23-2009, 09:08 PM
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Question Medical & Police Clearance for 309

I am applying for my 309 Visa from the US and I was wondering should I go ahead and submit my police clearance and medicals or is it better to wait until they ask for it? I am assuming they ask everyone for both of those things no matter what, so it wouldn't hurt to go ahead and do it.

Also, does anyone know how to go about getting a police clearance from the US? And do you need the exam and the x-rays as well?

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Old 11-23-2009, 09:48 PM
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Hey there!

I would definitly get the medical and police clearance stuff started now-- since you are in the U.S, you might not be able to get an appointment straight away so I would get onto it now. Also have you made sure that there is a panel doctor near you? My nearest one ended up being two hours away in Canada...

The reason they tell you to wait, i think, is that some people may not need x-rays or a fll medical.... thing is though, in that same document ( they also say that everyone who is applying for a permanant visa (which you are, a 309 is temporary but you are also applying for your permenant at the same time...) it says that everyone must get a chest x-ray... plus when they assigned me a CO it was the frst thing they said to go ahead and do....seemed like a general letter too...

In my experience, the chest x-ray was the cheapest part of the whole deal ($25) so i say go ahead and do the medical and x-ray as i have not heard of anyone on this board you applied for a 309 and didnt need one. The important thing to remember though is that if you get your medical done BEFORE you get a case officer and a "case number" you might want to have the results posted to your house (just dont open the enveloppe, whatever you do!). Otherwise, you could ask the doctor to hang on to your results until you have lodged your case, gotten a CO, and then call the doctor and say to send it then quoting your file number.

As for police checks, you need an FBI one and one from the state in which you usually reside.

Here is how to get the FBI one: Federal Bureau of Investigation - Criminal Justice Information Services Division - FBI Identification Record Request

You can get fingerprint cards done at your local police station, often for free. These checks can take a few weeks, so do look up the procedure for your state. You can "rush" the FBI ones if you dont want it to take a month.

I ended up not needing to do the state check but i think that might just have been because i had police clearnaces from two other countries including FBI and my local police station, i would er on the side of caution.

Also, didnt they ask you for your medical/police clearances when your CO was assigned? they did me anyways....

Good luck, I applied in the states as well so please do let me know if there is anything else i can help you out with.

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Old 11-23-2009, 10:29 PM
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Thank you for the advice!! I have not lodged my application as of yet. I have all of the paperwork and everything ready to go, but I am waiting on my Father-in-law's Stat. Dec. to get here from AU to submit with it. I had no idea the police checks would take that long! I honestly thought I could just go request it from the police station and get it in a day or so. But of course, that would be too easy.

So I guess I will go ahead and request those now and I may just have to wait until they come in and send them afterwards.

Also, $25 would have been nice! The only panel doctor in Atlanta ( with two others 5 hours away) is charging $125 for x-ray and $415 for medical exam...$540!!

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Old 11-24-2009, 01:18 AM
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$540???????!!!!!!!!! holy crap!

I got mine for $110 total in Canada, but some places quoted me over 400$... that really sucks...i live in the states and medical prices here are just appaling!!!! ugh!

The police clearances can take a while, but not to worry--send in your application now if you like or when you get your father in law's letter. It took me over a month to get an appointment for my medical and I had to get police clearances from Singapore and Australia ontop of my U.S ones. What i did was, sent in my application in august without the medicals or police checks--i included a note as that i was aware i needed them and had them scheduled/sent off.

It took the embassy 2 weeks to assign me a case officer at which point i was told that i would be contacted again in 6 to 8 weeks to review my case. That e-mail also told me to get my medicals and police clearnaces done. During the next 8 weeks, i managed to get back all but one of my clearances and my medical got done and sent to my CO. I had my interview a week later, sent in my last clearance along with my passport and got my visa back 48 hours later.

My point? You are going to have time between sending in your application and getting a CO, and until that CO reviews your case (might be a bit longer at this time of year, but who knows). Don't be too worried, just send in as much stuff as you can until your case is reviewed, you have time. It didnt affect how long mine took at all--i went from sending the application to getting my visa in 3 months, which is one month shorter than current average.

You can write a date to have your FBI check back on the enveloppe and cite Immigration to Australia as the reason..... worked for me =) The FBI are actually really nice people...

Hope it all works out for you and you get your visa quickley!

PS: just incase, if you have to get phone records.....depends on your company, but, they were a NIGHTMARE to get for me..beware the phone company.... =)

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Thank you so much for all of your advice! I am pretty stressed out over it all. We are on a bit of a time schedule...ha, a time schedule waiting on a visa. We are trying to get my Husband's permanent green card in the US (we have one more interview march 2011 to lift the conditions), so we are wanting to get to AU before March so when I can get a job and be able to take vacation time the following year to come back to the states for the interview. If we miss the interview, he forfeits his green card here. Ultimately we want each of us, and our children, to be dual citizens. I just hope we have everything together. What kind of evidence did you include? We have pictures of wedding, friends, when his family came to visit, leases, bank accounts, bills, cards sent to the both of us, marriage license, letter from marriage counseling, a letter from the preacher who married us, the program from our wedding...I hope that is enough.

You are right, healthcare here is crap. One reason I want to have our children in Australia!

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ugh healthcare here is soooooo annoying! It's a great feeling to know that you'll be covered by aussie medicare...just to have the security of "if something reall bad happens, im covered" is lovely!


So, March is the deadline to be in oz and have a job correct? might be a bit tight, but...

If you apply now, despite not having everything i think you have a pretty good chance! They key is getting DC to assign you a CO and then getting the rest to him/her before the review date. Despite this being a "questionable" time to send it in if you will (will it take longer before x-mas or will they put a rush on stuff....know what i mean?) I would still say the sooner the better. It's so stressful, i know, but try not to worry too much--like i said, the embassy told me 4 months, but they can only give you average times. Also, my visa was a defacto visa--by the sounds of it, you have been married/known each other for more than a year? did you say you have kids?

Your application would probably be accepted one heck of a lot faster than mine given your supporting evidence (the marriage liscene and the money stuff you mentioned will be a huge plus)...the problem is when do they take the time to look at it....hmmmm.....

What did i include? my application was VERY un-traditional--my boyfriend and i had a whole lot of explaining to do and had no neat paperwork (joint bills/leases etc). If you want, look near the bottom of the page and i wrote a "defacto tips" thread, might give you some ideas as to extras you could include? I think that as long as you address all the sections they ask for in the info booklet 1, and provide your identifyng documents, you'll be fine.

I completly understand too about jobs/when to go back. I also have to return to the states in July to apply for a re-entry permit, so i am really hoping to get a job asap (I get to oz in december). What i will tell you though is that australia is full of friendly employers. If you got a job a bit late (besides, you start on a four week holiday and two week sick leave contract in most jobs, not bad really) i am sure you could work something out with your employer to go back for the equivalent of 10 or less work days for an interview of such importance. You could always ask for unpaid leave, or work somethng out where you could do stuff over the internet in order to minimize the impact of you being gone. I have known a lot of people who have had very forgiving bosses when it comes to this stuff, so i really think you'll be alright. =)

All the best to you both!

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Question One last question

Do you think I could send the application off without the statuatory declarations from my in-laws (and include a note that they will be being sent) and have them send those in directly so they aren't taking the time to come to the states from AU and then back to AU? Or should I wait and send that together?

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I don't see why not, but it might be wise to include at least two (as that is the minimum requirement).

Stat decs are what took the longest to get for my application too!

Just curious though--are you applying in the states/DC or are you in australia? If you are applying in the states, don't worry, they don't send off your stuff back to australia to be assessed, they do it all in washington DC =)

Hope its going well! How you doing getting your fingerprints done? Get at least two cards done when you are there just incase you need em for your state clearance too. It's kinda fun getting them done really....

Are you going to need an Australian clearance? I can help you out with that too, just let me know (if you need one you will need to pay in Aussie dollars so unless you want to pay $35 usd for an aussie bank draft, you can get your in laws to help you out).

Good luck!

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I am in the states applying. I thought about it once I wrote that...duh, I forgot the address I am supposed to send it to is in DC. So I guess it doesn't matter.

I haven't gone to get my finger prints yet because it seems to be more of an issue than I thought. I thought I could just go to any police department and do it. Well, not in Georgia apparently. We have to go to a certain department which just happens to only be open during the hours I am supposed to be at I will have to take time off to go. And some places won't do it for immigration purposes...which makes no sense to me. I plan on doing that the first day of Dec, unless I can get an appointment to get my medicals done soon...then I will try to knock all of that out in one day. I read that when you send your prints to the FBI, they do not return them. I don't need to submit them with the clearance do I? It is a good idea to go ahead and get two though. I am going to TN for Thanksgiving....and since I will be out in the middle of nowhere, I may stop in to the local police department and see if they would do it. Its not like they have much else to do. When you say "cards" are you referring to the form that the immigration has for you to fingerprint on?

I may go get my x-rays and then wait until they request the medicals...just incase by some miracle I don't need them and can save $415. I doubt it.

Do you get your originals back that you send in, like photos and that sort of thing, or do they keep it? I know they kept everything for my husband here when we got his green card.

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Once my visa was approved, I got back originals of photo's and ticket stubs and that sort of stuff.... I put all of my photo's and "small bits" in a ziploc bag and they just sent me back the bag. They tell you not to put your application in a folder or anything, but i figured a baggy would be ok so stuff doesnt go flying everywhere.

That sucks so bad that you cant just get them done locally in Georgia!!! yikes what a hassle right? When i say cards, I do mean the actual bit of cardboard they put your prints on. The FBI does send your prints back to you, with a stamp on the back that says "No Criminal Conviction" and with a little piece of paper stapled to it as your receipt of payment. I just sent my CO the whole thing--enveloppe and all.

Oh yeah, they send you back your police clearances too once its done.

Maybe call the local department at TN before going, just to make sure an officer will be in to do them on that day. You can download a "finger print card" from the FBI website which has the correct "stamp" for the FBI... but it doesnt really matter so much as i didnt and was just told to white out my local police station's stamp and i just included a note saying i was instructed to do so by the officer who fingerprinted me. Check what the procedure is for georgia eg: if they need a specific kind of fingerprint card or if just the "standard" will do.

What a hassle thogh that you cant do it locally! If TN let you, maybe even get a third done just incase (if its free that is).

As for the medical you will definitly have to do one, but like i said, you can wait if you like, you'll have a chance to get it in. Sucks that its so expensive... insurance wont cover it obviously? What about where you are going in TN? Do they have a panel doctor there? If so maybe you could squeeze in? wait never mind i just checked for you and there isnt a panel doctor in TN apparently....


How tough is the procedure to get someone a green card? If i manage to keep my U.S green card it would be great to be able to get my boyfriend one someday.... like U.S permanent residency vs australian--which one is harder in your opinion?

Hope everything is going well, good luck!

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