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Skilled Work Visa

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Skilled Work Visa

Dear travellers and adventurers,
my name is Petr ([email protected]) and I am just about to apply for a "Skilled Work Visa". I have found myself on "SOL" Associate professionals (Civil Engineering Technician - ASCO code 3122-13) and also passed Skilled Visa assessment and interview with "Migration expert" and "LIVE IN Australia". I didn't proceed the last step - pay for organising visa. I read that it's just waste of money.
I want to move to Western Australia (Perth) with my partner (girlfriend 5 years with some proof) aswell..
If I get: Medicals, Police check, Education certificate, Experience proof (8 years in my profession), Relationship proof..
... my concern is about probability of getting the visa after I pay not little fee cca. ! Euro 1.500 ! to "Department of Immigration & Citizenship" or losing it first of all...and getting (or not) permission for my girlfriend based on mine (we are both Czech, but 5 years residents in Ireland).
Is anybody experienced in - moving over with "de facto partner" and applying for visa for only one of you?
- being dismissed on Skilled Work Visa for any reason?

May be stupid and realy basic questions, or impossible to answer, but I had no time to read all Threads yet.
So, thank you a lot for sharing any experience in the same task..

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Old 12-19-2009, 01:52 AM
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Hi Petr and welcome to the forum,

You'll find various web sites of immigration agents duplicate what is available on Department of Immigration & Citizenship re doing a self assessment via eligibility sections and for 175/176 being a points assessment [as well as some mandatory requirements] there are tables for that.

What you may not see on some sites is all the other information which includes DIAC information on recent changes and prioritisation etc.
I've put together a bit of a direction to relevant DIAC info you should read.
There is a lot of information about on immigration issues but you mention skills assessment so in assuming you have some sort of a skilled background, you need to determine whether you would be wanting to look at the Employer Sponsored Route or take the Professionals and Other Skilled Workers route in an independent manner.
You'll find the links for either at top of
Workers - Visas & Immigration and exploring either [via a menu driven/logical steps of options system] is probably your best approach as even if you decide to use an agent, having a reasonable understanding will do you no harm.
Taking the Professionals.......route
Professionals and other Skilled Migrants - Workers - Visas & Immigration will give you three important links right at the top of the page.
1. What's New - What's New? Recent Changes in General Skilled Migration and second link there gives
And that'll give you an idea of processing priorities [ ENS/RSMS and the CSL ] and indicative times as it stands at the moment, there being quite a few factors that can change those - not least, there being a review underway at the moment and announcements possibly to be made some time either side of Xmas-NY.
2. The Skilled Occupation List - , and from there you'll see occupational categories including those on the CSL, the authorised Assessing Authorities and at the rear of the listing the details for contacting those Authorities.
3. Visa Options - Professionals and other Skilled Migrants - Workers - Visas & Immigration and where you start propelling yourself to a GSM independent visa if that is you.
Once you get to say the 175 visa for instance - Skilled – Independent (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 175)
as an offshore independent visa [for if you're outside of Australia], you'll see five headings:
About this Visa
How this Visa Works
Applying for this Visa
And this is where your diligent approach to reading thoroughly needs to be continued and especially with Eligibility and Applying for this Visa.
The Eligibility section will allow you to do a full self assessment.
In the Applying for this Visa section, you'll find a Checklist , a most useful document for DIY applicants.
But you will find a lot of links along the way, some relevant and others less so depending on what you want to do and as you go through step by step, you ought to get a feel for what you are doing.
The above is for the independent skilled route and because of the timefram involved with that, a lot of people will in future be looking at Employer Sponsorship and for that have a read of the section on that:
Employer Sponsored Workers - Workers - Visas & Immigration

Finding employers to be sponsors is not going to be the easiest task but I'd expect that more and more employers will be looking at that approach in the future and there'll likely be employment agents about seeking suitable people to be sponsored and so it's a case of doing a bit of googling and contacting companies and agents to have your details registered.

In respect to secondary applicants, a wife, partner or children, there are also eligibility requirements and you'll find pertinent details @ General Skilled Migration and a read of Booklet #1 is good value.

So quite a bit of reading ahead of you.

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Dear Wanderer,

I am realy pleased for your answer. I know It is more complicated, then travel around EU, and I am not affraid of hard work and fight, but I just don't like to work and wait in uncertainty. This sounds to me like lotto...Big effort, a lot of money and then..maybe yes maybe no..
Anyway, I was thinking about Sponsor Skilled Work Visa, because I am 31, 8 years wide experience in my profession, fluent english spoken and written,..
..but after answering to the companies which were realy interested in my services, that my Skilled Work Visa aoolication is in process and can take a while, but they can sponsor me and it would quick... They just lost interest.
Probably because it is unnecessary work around application and expenses for them.
It's just my opinion, so I could be wrong. I will try to approach more companies with "Employer Sponsored Skilled Workers Temporary Visa".

Are there already any agencies to find suitable positions (companies) for foreigner employees and other way for "Employer Sponsored Skilled Workers Visa"?

Thank you very mutch for advice..

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As far as being a lotto Petr, there's certainly some effort that anybody ought to make in the first place to ensure they will have appropriate qualifications and meet other requirements.

That is a very first step any immigrant needs to make and completely separate from an immigration visa application.

You need to have qualifications assessed by the approrpriate authority to get points for independent assessment and depending on type of work most companies may likely be more interested in sponsoring if they know someone has had qualifications assessed.

Then there is the english standard also as a separate step to visa application and you will likely need to have done an IELTS assessment.

So yes, there're a number of steps and various issues on which you'll be assessed as either meeting immigration requirements or be rejected and thus it is in the interests of any potential applicant to thoroughly review themselves the whole process.

And there is the work availability question and an independent visa can both be a long wait and no guarantee for a job, the reason why sponsored visas are well considered.

The current economic climate worldwide and in Australia is not the best for people seeking work, there being higher unemployment levels in most countries and future employment prospects in Australia very much dependent on proposed developments, the progress of which will be dependent on global factors.
Welcome to Hire A Migrant is one agency but one of many if you do some searching.

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Dear Petr,
It is not a lotto. If you meet the requirements they must give you a visa, if you don't they must refuse. Department of Immigration does not assess your qualifications. Once you have it assessed you get your points for that. Immigration do not go beyond your assessment. Only questions in relation to your employment might be described by some as 'lotto', but the only cases that I am aware of that have been refused on that question was where dodgy documents were lodged, employers checked and found to be non-existent or employers were contacted and denied that they know the person. If your employment is legitimate and can be verified there is no risk at all. Then, you get points for various bits and pieces and if you can count to 120 you can check it yourself. If you get your points DIAC has to give you a visa, there is no discretion. Your de fact partner should not be a problem either if you have some documents proving relationship. DIAC scrutinise such relationships only when one partner applies to join the other in Australia because there is a risk that the relationship is not genuine and has been arranged ONLY for the purpose of coming to Au. If you apply at the same time, i.e. include your partner in your application, there is very little scrutiny.
The wait is indeed very long for independent non-sponsored, you'd be better off looking for an employer-sponsor. Do your assessment of qualifications first, that should also help you find employment.
Hope it helps

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Thanks Dorota

Thanks Dorota for support in making a decission here. I don't realy think it's a lottery. I just remember, that 6 years ago me and other 3 friends applied for student visa for UK, we had everything completely the same and genuine, arranged and paied...just ready, but 2 got it and other 2 guys with no reason were refused.
Well, because I have never tried this kind of visa, so I was just a little worry about officers range of competency in making a decission about the visa..
Now I feel mutch more confident.


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