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prospective marriage visa - Page 3

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Old 05-19-2012, 10:13 AM
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Originally Posted by krissybaby
Hi good day to all!

I would like to attached to this thread..I have a question about applying PMV and then tourist visa. Would that be possible? cause my fiancee wants me to be with him while waiting for the PMV to be approved. We are looking for 6 months of tourist visa application after finishing a PMV application. Can anyone advise me if it is possible?
Hello krissy,
Yes thats possible. I did that before. And it was granted. It's very rare that they're gonna grant you a 6 months tourist visa. Normally they grant 3 months TV.
But still depends on what reason you give them. But I can tell you its rare. Specially for those people waiting for their PMV..

Best regards,


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Old 04-20-2013, 04:09 PM
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Cool PMV- queries

Hi all

I am hoping this is still active as I have not seen too many recent posts on PMV.
I have a long history with my partner who is from Tanzania in Africa. We met 16 years ago, were friends for many years before we actually became a couple in 2009. I have done alot of volunteer work in Kenya and Tanzania and have travelled with and visited John many times. In 2010 we managed a lodge together in Tanzania for 12 months. Our plan was to apply for partner visa and towards the end I discovered I was pregnant. We werent earning alot of money so we paid $350 to get some initial advice from a migration agent in Melbourne. The advice was poor and during this time I lost the baby and it put alot of strain on our relatonship. I was under pressure to return to Aus for my job there and in the end we never applied for anything because we were simply too raw from the miscarriage. Additionally John started to get cold feet about coming to Aus at all. Following that we had a tricky 10 months when I was back in Aus and so I got another job and came back to sort things out. These days we are much clearer on our goals, but we both are very fearful of the whole process - since so many people keep telling us how difficult it is. I am not really in a position to live in Tanzania permanently at this stage as my parents are elderly and require some support.
We have loads of evidence of our (sometimes rocky) relationship over many years and I have no doubt we will get testimonials from friends, family and employers. We don't have a joint bank account anymore and are not currently living together (because I am living on a campus of a school and its not allowed). John is not currently working, but is soon to start back as a lodge manager. But the essence of it is that our relationship is very real, has a long history (face to face and long distance) and on that basis for me it should be very straightforward (but I know it isnt).

I have a permanent government position, own a house (and mortgage) that has plenty of equity in it and am soon to complete a masters degree. I don't have any money in the bank as I am currently earning very little in Tanzania, and in September will return to my permanent position in Aus. I am also 42 years old and we are trying to get pregnant before I have to return to Australia.

I have read the booklets and had a good perusal of the Immi website.

My questions are:
- how important is it that John is working and earning money?
- will application be slowed because he is from Tanzania, a developing country
- if we have all the evidence and docs, what are the reasons they generally deny?
- as a sponsor do I need to have $10,000 actual cash or can I use the equity in my house as the bond.
- will being pregnant help to speed up the application? (not that I am trying to get pregnant for that purpose!!!)
- how much difference does it make engaging a migration agent? Whould I be looking for one that has a track record for Africans?

I think that is all for now, but any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry for all the questions!


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Old 04-20-2013, 04:15 PM
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I forgot to say that John applied for a tourist visa in 2010 before I moved to Tanzania and was denied. He had about $3000 in account but was told it was not enough. We did not declare our relationship as partners, but instead i sent the inviation letter.

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Old 04-20-2013, 05:18 PM
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Hi Rafiki and welcome to the forum.

It sounds as though you won't have a hard time putting together all the evidence necessary for John's PMV.

To attempt to answer your questions:

1. My husband, who was very recently granted a permanent partner visa from a high risk country, was hardly working at all at the point we applied and afterwards, and in fact he has been mostly unemployed during the entirety of our five year relationship. Me being Australian, I was always the one who provided economically and I have been the breadwinner for our time together out of necessity. If this was an issue for the department, it was not mentioned to us at all.

What is important is that you both do share finances in some way - the fact that you have had a joint bank account in the past will be important evidence, as well as any other joint purchases or shared financial responsibilities you've had, perhaps such as the lodge. So essentially you have this covered.

2. John's application may indeed take longer than normal to process, as many other Africans here on the forum can attest. You will be applying through the Australian High Commission in Nairobi, and most if not all applications processed here are currently taking 12 months or even longer. We believe this is due above all to security checks - as a lot of the infrastructure in African countries is still paper-based, and perhaps not organised as ideally as one would like, it takes a lot longer for any kind of meaningful communication to occur between Australian Security agencies and the bureaucracies in other countries which can supply the requisite information. Although it doesn't seem that there are any other Tanzanians registered on the forum (I checked available timelines here), there is a useful thread specifically for applicants from African countries. You may want to ask more specific questions about your processes there, as you will find people who understand.

3. They deny partner visa applications based on their decision that the relationship in question is either not genuine or not continuing. One aspect that raises strong suspicions is where there is a large difference in background between the partners, being anything from education, religion, culture, ethnicity or class. From what you have said, the length of your relationship and the extent of your commitment to and knowledge of each other throughout the past 16 years, it doesn't seem likely to me that your application would be rejected - you already know each other very well and you have spent significant time in his country and culture to understand him. This is a very important point. In addition, of all the partner visas the PMV is known to be the easiest to be approved for, as they do not ask for as much evidence at that stage - you will do the whole shebang once John's PMV is granted and he's onshore to apply for the 820/801 married partner visa.

4. As a sponsor there are no set financial requirements from you. Until 1st January 2012 there was something called an Assurance of Support that could be requested at the individual case officer's discretion if there were concerns that the applicant would have recourse to public funds. There was no bond involved, simply an agreement signed between an assurer and Centrelink that if the applicant were to access government benefits, the assurer would pay it all back. This is no longer the case, and indeed I as sponsor was hardly employed when we applied, but no question was raised about this at all (I'd be glad to point you in the direction of other threads where this is discussed).

What is important however, from you as a sponsor, is that you're able in some capacity to provide support to your partner for his first two years in Australia. This includes financial support and accommodation. Since you own your house and have a good and stable government job, this should be no problem for you at all. You will simply need to explain this in the forms and in an additional statement called the Sponsorship Undertaking.

5. According to the immigration department itself, pregnancy is not enough of a compelling or compassionate circumstance to warrant priority processing of a visa application. If you already had children when you applied, it would be a different story. It wouldn't hurt your application though, as of course it is additional evidence of your commitment to each other! But it just wouldn't speed it up.

6. Many people do the whole thing without employing a migration agent at all. We certainly did it all ourselves. It all depends how comfortable you are with the process - do you feel ok filling in the mountain of forms? Is there anything particularly unusual about your case that might benefit from an expert explanation? This is something you can decide for yourself, but do know that many, many people proceed on their own without engaging a migration agent and they are successful. If you do want to consult somebody, MarkNortham is a very knowledgeable, kind and scrupulous migration agent who is also a moderator on this forum and who posts regularly. You can contact him by private message on the forum once you've reached five or six posts, or otherwise I'm sure he will respond to specific concerns you have on the forum.

Feel free to start your own thread with any other issues or questions you have, and we will do our best to help you and make you feel welcome. The process is hard on everyone, but probably not as hard as all your friends are telling you

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Old 04-20-2013, 06:20 PM
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I wish I could like that more than once. That is a spectacularly beautiful, thorough, incredibly helpful response, Adventuress.

Original Nationality: US
Visa #1: PMV (300) through Washington, D.C
Applied: April 2013.
Visa Granted: January 2014.
Visa #2: Subclass 820 (From PMV).
Applied: End of April 2014.
Visa Granted: Early July 2014.
Visa #3: 801 (PR)
Eligibility Date: End of April 2016 (Applied a month prior).
PR Granted: Early April 2017.

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Old 06-05-2013, 06:10 PM
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Wink Thankyou


What a lovely and kind hearted woman you are! Thankyou so much for the reply, I am so sorry it has taken me this long to reply. You answered my questions directly and honestly and you are the first person to be straight with me. Finding any kind of information from agents, Immi dept etc is like pulling teeth - people are either negative or afraid to say anything lest they be blamed if things go wrong (or because of liability).

My fella is just so nervous about the whole process and on top of that his family are upset that he has applied once and missed out - thus telling him not to bother. So there is alot of pressure on the poor guy (and me). Your message was the first that finally gave me some hope and confidence. Hearing your story gave me hope on how to move forward and your advice is priceless. Asante sana (thankyou very much in Kiswahili). Also you did research for me - thanks again so so much.
As an update, John is now working, I am not pregnant yet and we will still use an agent. I don't have any concerns filling in forms etc but I want to give us the BEST chance. If we miss out and I don't use someone I will always be wondering.....

I am going to follow up on the threads you suggested - thankyou. And I will follow up the agent you mentioned also. In this scenario, word of mouth recommendations are worth a great deal.

So adventuress your middle name should be 'kindness' and I will stay in touch. I hope lots of good karma comes your way...


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Old 06-05-2013, 06:56 PM
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Tourist visa worthwhile

Hey again

I just wanted to know if anyone has the experience also of applying for a tourist visa first before a PMV. As mentioned my partner is Tanzanian and we have a long history. He has been rejected once for a tourist visa on the basis of not enough money in his account. The rejection letter told him he should try again.

I have been told by others also that he should try for a tourist visa again. This is fine but we don't want to lie that he is just coming to visit a 'friend' when we are actually a couple - we don't want it to backfire on us.
We are in a better position with money these days and I am sure my partner could show a balance of at least $5,000 AUD in his account. Certainly the sooner he gets a chance to visit Aussie the better - meet my family, see if he even likes Aus etc. The other day I asked what was the reason he wanted to come to Australia and he said 'because you are there'. Now I just want to know if he is happy to actually be there and the only way we will know is if he gets a chance to look himself and make his own decision. After all he is a very proud Tanzanian man!
Any thoughts or experiences would be helpful.
Thanks so much


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Old 06-06-2013, 02:10 PM
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It's pretty rare I think for an African to get a tourist visa. We were rejected twice.


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Old 06-06-2013, 05:13 PM
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Hi Chicken999

Yes I agree that it is probably rare, but I am aware of 2 Kenyan friends who were granted a tourist visa to Aussie, so I remain hopeful!! But it is really good to hear from everyone about their experiences - thankyou!


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Old 06-06-2013, 05:16 PM
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Chicken999 did you eventually get a visa, and what was your experience? Where are you or your partner from?

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