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AusForumMember 11-21-2013 11:28 PM

IMMI Office will NOT get the application at the office anymore
Hi all,

I came to Immi Melbourne Office (Lonsdale St) this morning with my wife to submit Partner Visa (820/801) application for her. After 20 mintues queuing there, we were advised that they now only receive application on the spot if your visa expire in 7 days, and that there are 2 options:

1. There is a white tall 'mailing box' on the left of the queue. You can put your application in an envelope and throw it in there. The application will then be sent 'internally' within Department of Immi. BE CAREFUL. You CANNOT track your application with this option.

2. Send your application to Immi Partner Processing Centre through AusPost. This was my choice because I am happy to pay some dollards to ensure that the application is delivered successfully.

To me, submitting on the spot is good because we can be sure that payment is clear and we have TRN generated straight after. But not anymore (wth)

Now we are crossed for payment to clear and for a good result.

Hopefully, this will help some mates ready to submit applications.

Good luck to us.


CCMS 11-22-2013 12:58 AM

This is the official announcement:

Recently, you may have noticed when visiting a DIBP office that our processes have changed. With significant expansion and improvement of online lodgement options available to visa applicants and Registered Migration Agents, there is no longer any need to attend an office to lodge applications in person for most visa subclasses. An increasing number of visas can now be applied for on our website at Welcome to DIBP or alternatively, applications can be sent directly to the department by post.

If you choose to come in to Client Service Counters to apply for a visa we will receive the application at reception or through our dropbox, and email or post the payment receipt and decision notification letter in due course. Alternatively, you may be given the option to apply for the visa online using one of our internet kiosks where appropriate.

There will no longer be a need to wait in the office for the outcome of the application. Additionally, appointments are being phased out at all Client Service Counters.

Please note that all applications from both visa applicants and Registered Migration Agents visiting Client Service Counters will be managed in the same way. This will align practices at all Client Service Counters across Australia.

This new approach to client interactions allows the department to provide significantly improved service to visa applicants and Registered Migration Agents by processing applications more efficiently and providing timelier outcomes.

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