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Does everyone need a visa to emigrate there? - Page 2

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Hi Wanderer,wasn't much to report there for awhile,but now there is.Remember how I told you before that my daughter's boyfriend was having doubts about moving to Australia? He told my daughter that he had to make a decision,between her and the girl in Australia he wants to shack up with. He said one of them was going to get hurt and he was trying to get advice from family and friends about what to do. He told them and her that he didn't want to leave my daughter because he loves her,and they have too many good times and memories together. She and we thought that was it,that he chose my daughter,and decided not to go. Boy were we wrong! I guess that girl over there and others talked him into still going over there and staying,and he says he's going and never coming back,no matter what. And everyone that is trying to stop him or talk him out of it,can just eff off. He's going over there whether it's good or bad or he gets screwed over,he doesn't care,that's what he wants to do,period. So,he chose my daughter to get hurt,and have her heart broken,and he doesn't care! But,while he's still here,he still wants to see her EVERYDAY,which he does,they are inseparable,he can't stand to be away from her for even one day,and yet he wants to be away from her for good,and he tells my daughter that he loves her everyday,so I JUST DON'T GET IT! Why would someone who loves someone else want to leave them for good,and move in with a girl,live with her,be boyfriend and girlfriend,sleep with her,and leave the best girl they'll ever find,who loves them,and who is so compatible with him,they are like two halves of one whole? I guess he knew that girl over there from before,I don't know how,but hadn't talked to her for 2 years,and they just started talking,and friending each other on Facebook,May 10th. So,see how fast this all happened. My daughter's boyfriend and her talk like boyfriend and girlfriend to each other, she calls him: baby,boo, possum,can't wait to see him and be with him,calls him hers. He calls her baby and can't wait to see her and be with her,etc. And, my daughter sees all this on his wall on Facebook,and you know how hurtful that is? He calls my daughter baby,sweetheart,love,lover,beautiful,etc.,and tells her he's her boyfriend and wants to make her happy,does this sound like he's trying to make her happy? It's B.S.,we feel he's just using her and leading her on,and trying to have his cake and eat it too. My husband's upset,and is going to have a little talk with him. My husband felt like he was our future son-in-law,yeah right. That girl over there is just a" party girl",and some other not nice words about not nice girls,I can't say,and she's obsessed with my daughter's boyfriend,and her main goals in life are eating,dancing,surfing and partying. Kind of shallow huh? While my daughter is a straight A student,plays 3 sports very well,has numerous honors,will graduate with honors,and wants to get a degree to be a teacher. Is there not enough men in Australia for her to choose from,that she has to get an American guy to come over there and be with her,even if it means stealing someone's boyfriend? We have bad words for girls like that over here. Are alot of girls in Australia like that? They want American men or something? She made it sound like this is a once in a lifetime opportunity,that if he doesn't move with her now,that's it. Oh well,would that be so bad? Anyway,sorry to vent for so long,I'l cut to the chase. She or he,I don't know which,decided on 3 kinds of Visas he could get for now. 1.Sponsored Family Visitor Visa(subclass 679)-I don't see how he can get this one,as they aren't family and aren't related,unless they lie about it and try to commit fraud(who could I report that to)-good for 3 months or 6 months right,with study 3 months if you want,but no work,right? 2. ETA(subclass 976)-easy to get -3 months,but no work right? 3. W&HV(subclass 462)-good for 12 months-could study for 4 months-work up to 6 months at a time right? But the work is kind of hard and manual labor right? You notice all his choice of Visas are temporary,tourist Visas,where he has to leave when they expire. My daughter's boyfriend has a bad back,gets alot of headaches and stomachaches,and may have other medical problems,from almost dying at birth in Russia. Will though things be a problem for him? He doesn't even work that hard here,and his back kills him,he tore a muscle in it,and never had it taken care of. And, I don't know if the headaches or stomachaches are physical,or psychological,as he might be suffering from the stress of knowing what he's doing to my daughter,isn't right. She doesn't deserve this or to be treated like this,she never did anything to him.Is there anything else that you know of that could stop him from going or from getting a Visa,legal,health,criminal,or otherwise?Being born in Russia wouldn't stop him,right? He does have to leave after those Visas expire right,there's no way he could stay for good then is there,at least not right then,right? I've documented my daughter and her boyfriend's relationship,so they can't get a Partner Visa,or whatever,right now,because I can prove to the authorities,that he's been with my daughter,not her the last 6 months,8 months,when he leaves. Also,he's just a grocery store courtesy clerk over here,not a great job here even,and he only went 1 Quarter to University,and doesn't want to be an Engineer,any more,doesn't know what he wants to do with anything in his life now,maybe no more University even,hates his job here,has a temper,and has gotten into a few fights,has no skills and no degrees, is on Welfare here,too,just wants to party mostly now,and that's the kind of person that your country is just begging to have over there right? NOT! I don't think they want another partying,shiftless bum over there,living off the system(welfare over there),like so many young people do over here. He's also selling EVERYTHING he has over here,so he won't have anything over there and if and/or when he gets back,is that wise to do? I heard it's expensive to replace things over there.He still owes $4000 on his car and is trying to sell it,and have somone take over payments(right,none of his friends can afford that). I also don't know if that girl over there has a job,she never talks about one, and she already rooms with her brother and sister,but I have no idea of any of their means of support,or what they already have,and I hope she doesn't think he'll support her. Is there any people finder agency over there I can talk to,to find out more about her? Legally,that is. Anyway,I've rambled and vented far too long again,hope you don't get tired of me and all this. Thanks again for talking(answering)to me,and giving me great advice,and reading my loooong posts,and just being there and so wise. Any advice you can give me again will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

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