The 'is this enough evidence' Partner Visa Thread

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The 'is this enough evidence' Partner Visa Thread

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Old 05-10-2014, 10:04 AM
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The 'is this enough evidence' Partner Visa Thread

Hi all,

Previously people have been discussing opening creative evidence collection threads or other threads that will 'mark' the quality of our Partner visa evidence, so here we go. You can post here all evidence that you have/will provide. Give as much info as you can so people can give you better advice. This will not be my thread (even though I'll kick it off), but rather a thread for all who wish to be advised regarding their evidence. A big thank you to everyone who has gone through this process and will provide advice for the future applicants. That being said, here's my case:

Applying for 820 onshore on de-facto basis.

First started living together in July 2013, planning on applying either next month or the one after. We have a registered our relationship with the certificate dating January '14.

Apart from the usual 3 forms (40SP, 47SP, 80) we will provide 4 x 888 forms (my uncle, my partner's mother, a common friend who knew both of us personally before we actually met and started our relationship but did not introduce us to each other and my ex high school adviser). The reason why I've put him is because I believe teachers have a good standing in society and he's known us personally through our visits to my high school in the years after I've graduated. They are all Aussie citizens.

Next, the way I've organised is I've got a folder on my computer with nearly all my files saved there, plus hard copies of all evidence including the paper forms saved aside. We will provide overseas police checks, AFP checks and medicals with the application (all done apart from the medicals which will be done next week). We've got obviously copies of passports/birth certificates and drivers' licenses scanned (the reason why I will provide all this is because I have never been on any leases, previously I lived with my partner at her mum's place for about a month with no rental agreement, but I've got a license that states that address as my residential one, plus the back of the license stating my current address).

To prove that I do live at the current address we've got some more evidence such as online shopping delivery slips, bank statements, the AFP check addressed with my name and the current address at the back of it...

Financial evidence: we've got a joint account which we rarely use (we prefer using our individual accounts). We will provide a statement of that account just for the records. However, since I am not on the lease, the rent gets taken out of my partner's account. What we will provide instead is a year's worth of scanned statements showing me transferring funds into her account on weekly basis. Every time I have transferred money, my name pops up with the amount and the transaction is titled 'rent'. Furthermore, the statements will provide evidence such as me giving her money for the rental bond, also titled 'bond' and we will provide the receipt and will match the date. We also have proof of further financial interaction (recently she had a car accident with not much damage fortunately, but she had to pay a lot of money in excess which she did not have, so I paid for it and we've got evidence of that too on the statement).

Social context: we've got birthday invites listing both our names, a wedding invite for Europe for later this year (even though the bride is my Aussie cousin, the whole family is going overseas haha). The invite lists both our names. It's a shame that due to financial difficulties only I will be going as it would've been a great evidence of a genuine relationship. We're both very close with each other's families, so the statements and evidence such as this will help. Furthermore we have plenty of photos (planning on providing about 10?), concert and movie tickets etc.

Nature of household: we will provide additional statements about how we share housework, care about each other and such...we will provide receipts of big items we have bought (I assume they are meant to last long, which shows planning for the future?)....we have no wills or any next of kind evidence on papers, I know it's going to be our weakness.

Nature of commitment: we have plenty of Facebook screenshots showing tags of places we've been to together. We've never been separated so there is no mail/email/Skype correspondence between us. We haven't done any joint trips as we're both busy with everyday lives and haven't had time to indulge in holidays (another weakness probably), apart from a weekend down to the south coast last December. We also will provide itemised account history from our phone records (random selection from different months as there's too much evidence there) of us calling and texting each other on constant basis throughout our relationship. We also will provide any correspondence coming to us at home, including a joint ADSL and electricity accounts.

We also plan on providing a further statement that will explain which highlighted part means what, and probably a cover letter introducing ourselves.

So, if anyone had the patience to read it. What are our chances? For others that need clarification on their evidence, feel free to post and format this thread the way you like it.

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Old 05-11-2014, 08:49 AM
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1. AFP checks are not required if you do not have minor children migrating with you.
2. Do you have each other as nominees on super accounts? If yes, you can include that.

Apart from that, your case looks reasonably ok to me.

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Old 05-11-2014, 11:03 AM
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AFP checks are necessary for the applicant if they've resided in Australia for a significant amount of time - 12+ months I believe, as well as police clearances from all countries they've resided in.

Applicants need to provide police checks from their home country in all cases, regardless of whether there are minor children involved or not. It's only the sponsor that may not need to get them

Bay56 - you seem to be aware of where all the weaknesses are in your application, is there anyway you can address those gaps? Can you write up a will? Or get a joint lease or organise next of kin and superannuation accounts?

I'm the Australian wife, in love with the American dream!

820 partner visa, applied onshore January 3, 2014. Approved September 8, 2014.

Sending love and light and my best wishes to all the lovebirds just trying to make their dreams come true xxxx

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Old 05-11-2014, 03:14 PM
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Thanks for the replies guys. I will call all companies where we have accounts and nominate each other as next of kind contacts. I've never actually thought of having a will up until now. We're both fairly young (21 and 20) and even though pretty mature for our age, a will has never crossed our minds. We definitely plan on living together for the future, but a will has been kind of out of our vision for our future for now.

Star Hunter, regarding the having both names on it of that great significance? I understand how it could benefit us and makes things easier, but I believe that we've got enough evidence to prove that we both do live together where we live. As a measure of last resort we could probably call up the landlord and ask for a referral letter confirming our story.

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Old 05-11-2014, 03:32 PM
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I don't think having a joint lease will make or break your application, in fact my husband and I don't share a lease because my real estate agent doesn't feel comfortable with the fact that my husband is on a bridging visa A. We have a joint account where all of our money goes - his and mine (we have a linked savings account for savings and I have a separate account for child support from my ex since I use that for specific things). We use that joint account to pay rent and it's direct debited and the company name and what it's for shows up on the bank statement. The statements also show that we both contribute to the account. We use that as proof of joint housing, along with lots of evidence for each of us showing that we live at the same address, which I think is sufficient, although not ideal.

I was just suggesting it because if it's something you can do easily, then why not do it. If it's going to be a real hassle then I wouldn't worry too much since you do have evidence of both contributing the housing expenses.

I would definitely look at wills and the next of kin stuff. I found it all very easy to do and it's proof of mutual commitment that is pretty official and probably carries a lot of weight.

I think with evidence, it's important to remember that it's never one piece of evidence that will make or break an application, it's how well all the evidence that you provide paints a picture of a genuine and committed relationship that is likely to continue. The problem we all face, is that determining such a relationship is subjective and we never know exactly how our case officer is going to perceive that evidence or what THEY consider to be convincing or not convincing. In my opinion, the more bases that you can cover, the better

That being said, I think quality is probably better than quantity, so don't get so caught down in the little bits and pieces that you neglect the bigger things. Some people submit 100s of photographs and concert tickets but neglect to submit any financial evidence (for example) then they wonder why they got rejected when they submitted "so much evidence".

In your case, I think you addressed all the areas to a reasonable degree, but anything else you add is just going to increase your chances and with nothing being certain, every little but helps

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I'm the Australian wife, in love with the American dream!

820 partner visa, applied onshore January 3, 2014. Approved September 8, 2014.

Sending love and light and my best wishes to all the lovebirds just trying to make their dreams come true xxxx

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Old 05-11-2014, 05:38 PM
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That was an excellent reply, thanks heaps!

The thing with the lease was that the I did not have 100 points of ID at the time and the previous tenants were friends of ours, so they nominated my partner to the REA and she took the lease. Not that we've tried to hide the fact that I do live here too...I think we have enough evidence for the existence of our relationship, what we probably need to work on though is how we plan for the future and where we plan to be in the next few years...

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Old 05-12-2014, 01:51 AM
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I have a quick question, I'm a Facebook addict so everything I do or where I go goes on...however, I've never been able to tag my husband as he doesn't have Facebook.

So it's going to be pointless using any of that for evidence isn't it because I can't prove it's him I'm on about (I don't always use his name, sometimes it's The Dude or Husband)?

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Old 05-12-2014, 02:13 AM
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LouElla - I would include a few screenshots of things where you've used his actual name. I don't think it's going to carry a whole of weight, but it's not going to hurt either

I'm the Australian wife, in love with the American dream!

820 partner visa, applied onshore January 3, 2014. Approved September 8, 2014.

Sending love and light and my best wishes to all the lovebirds just trying to make their dreams come true xxxx

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Old 05-12-2014, 02:43 AM
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Just remember every bit of evidence builds a picture but if it doesn't add any weight then don't include it.

My husband and I didn't include any Facebook stuff apart from chat extracts between us as we aren't big check in people and we prefer to keep our feelings private.

If you check in to say movies and you have the movies tickets you could include that.

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Old 05-12-2014, 04:09 AM
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Oh, good idea for a thread, Bay! I've been kind of wondering about mine too. My husband says he's pretty confident in what I submitted, but he seemed surprised at some of the lengths I went for things which I thought were necessary to build a bigger pictures, so I'm left feeling half-confident, half-worried that it's not actually enough in the end. :/

Would love any impressions from other people.

Spousal VISA - 309 Offshore

Relationship Details (because ours is a little unusual in terms of distance/visits):

My husband and I have known each other since 2006 when we worked in Japan, but didn’t start a relationship until Feb 2012 because he was still working in Japan and I was working in California. We decided to give it a go despite the distance and after a year (ish) he proposed to me in Dec 2012. We carried on in our separate countries until Nov 2013 when all the prep work was done for us to both move to Australia. I quit my job in the US and he quit his in Japan. We rented an apartment in Melbourne and moved in together. We were married in a civil ceremony in Jan 2014.


Feb 2012-Dec 2012: Dating. I visited him in Japan and he came to the states 3 times
Dec 2012: Met his family in Australia, he proposed, we went on an engagement trip to Singapore
Jan 2013-Nov 2013: He came to the states 3 times, we both left our jobs and started properly living together in OZ (at his parents' to start), got joint bank accounts, credit cards, etc.
Dec 2013: Moved into apartment together (joint lease)
Jan 2014: Married in Melbourne, end of Jan returned to the US to finish up work and organize the US wedding party
May 29, 2014: Wedding party


- 4 Statutory Declarations (888s): 2 from Australian citizens (his mom and a friend), 2 from US citizens (my mom and sister)

- Wedding Certificate

- Wedding Registry Booking confirmation (NOIM)

- Correspondence Overview pdf – Since our periods apart are pretty lengthy we relied heavily on SKYPE, FB, and emails. Gave representative examples of each here.

- SKYPE call logs detailing calls/length over 2 years

- Facebook: Detailed Correspondence (short convo excerpts for every month in our relationship to show frequency and consistency, 2012-2014) 16 pgs

- Apartment Bond (joint lease in both our names)

- Joint General Bank Account (in both our names)

- Joint Super Saver Account (the bulk of our savings, in both our names)

- Apartment Utility Bill (has our apartment addy. It’s in his name, but all bills are paid through joint general account which I noted)

- Nature of the Household pdf (the continuation of my statement from the 2000 limit box)

- Development of the Relationship (cont. of my statement from the 2000 limit box)

- Facebook Timeline (showing the scope of the relationship over the two years. Includes details and screencaps of important events like joint travel, visits, engagement, etc.) Has a bullet point timeline intro explaining the screencaps. 18 pgs

- Social Context pdf – Pictures of us together with friends and family (introductions, trips, etc.)

- Valentine’s Day Exchange pdf – Showing gifts/messages we exchanged. Lucky for me his V-Day gift was an illustrated book of our entire relationship.

- Joint Wedding Invitations – for the US wedding party coming up in May

- Wedding Venue Receipt – US May wedding party

- Ring Receipts – for our wedding bands

- Recent Photos – Photos of us together in various countries

- Flight Tickets/Reservations – 4 flight reservation pdfs, 2 for my husband (our first OZ trip together and his final one way ticket from Japan to OZ when he left to set up for my final arrival) and 2 for me (first OZ trip and my flight in Nov 2013 to set up shop in OZ)

And finally, the usual ID documents: Birth Certificate, license, passport, passport photos

Total: 32 separate pdfs of 'evidence' of varying length

Medical – Waiting for CO to request, but I have the HAP ID now

Police Checks – Have my Japanese checks in, but don’t know where or to who I should them. Still waiting on US police checks.

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